Why custom skins are a bad idea

I was told that we soon can creade our own skins and i sort of dislike the idea at all…

Pro points would be:
-team / cooperation skins might be posssible to show how ,individual" they are (killer-bees attack!)
-u can creade ur own freakin skin! that must be good!
-possibilitys like skin markets for own creaded skins or other usefule creative additions

contras would be >_>
-a huge disharmonic in between regular shipskins / the shipskin collecting and market and actual player skins (trade and demand)
-to much garbage hulls flying around with ugly af skins (the most obliviouse point to not do it)

so as i see it as soon as they introduced it it is a bad idea once as the devs should not avoid to protect the players from their own uhmmm potence of creating bullsht skins…

The Skin market is a huge part of the game and i would not allow a disturbance in the force xd
i mean who dafug needs his own skin honestly?

But i trust in ccp and their vision and responsebility around the comunity to add features like custom lights custom color paletes and so on and not let it be a mess of ,lets paint my own gila with paint shop pro"

DUDE…when i see 1 custom skin that drives me insane im gonna loose my mind :smiley: pls ccp dont let this be garbage and keep me from loosing my sanity xd

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Not to burst your bubble, but I don’t think custom SKINs are going to have anywhere near the flexibility/customizability of some of the newer SKINs CCP has released, ie: special effects, logos and emblems, etc. I think the custom options will rival some of the earliest SKIN releases, though.

Based on the survey CCP recently sent out, I think you’ll be able to change the various ship colors (primary/secondary), material reflectiveness type (matte vs. gloss), engine glows, ship lighting and possibly some of the FX like Bastion colors.

It’s possible we’ll be able to apply some kind of basic pre-formatted decals like stripes, etc. (but this is just a WAG since I haven’t seen anything)

I’m also assuming there’s going to be a PLEX and/or EverMark cost associated with custom SKIN creation, and there may even be a cost for colors (and certain colors may be restricted and/or expensive), material types, etc. (again, a WAG - but since you can sell custom SKINs I assume the whole process isn’t going to be free)

If they’re tied to EverMarks it will also limit the ability to create these since you can only earn so many daily.

But to answer your question: YES! I want to be able to create my own custom SKINs.

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I see no point to skins. Most time have to play all zoomed out in tactical, pay attention to overview, targets, ship status… Only time to see skin is during boring time like travel.

I think you’re in the minority here…

OP, the SKINR customization tool will allow skin creators to express themselves with as much creativity and diversity as the corporation logo creator tool. I’m not worried.

If you were to clean your ship once and awhile you might come to appreciate the wonderful designs.


I just need this!


You might be able to do that minus the “Hello Kitty” emblem (not sure about the stripes or hex mesh).

Here’s a Q: Will custom SKINs be destroyable or once applied they last forever?

I dont think you will be able to sell them, and they will be costing upkeep together with one time payment of PLEX. Being deactivated when the upkeep cash runs out. Finally some use for the paragon points.

If it is not causing lag, nor creating some other exploit, then what does it matter if ‘other players’ have something that you do not use and can ignore?

One more reason to shoot the thing :rofl:

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I remember a game with customizable homes. When I found one that had every surface textured with hardcore porn, It reminded me why we can’t have nice things.

CCP has previously indicated that you would in fact be able to seller player-created SKINs, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see when this is released.

I just re-watched the FF’23 ship SKINR presentation by CCP Mischief yesterday. Segment starts @03:20:00.

Thought some disclaimers were made it still looked impressive…

CCP’s definition of “soon” and what normal people think of as soon are diametrically opposite.

Don’t hold your breath.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Hey, it was nice for someone who did it, at least.

• Designs will cost (some) PLEX to convert into a permanent SKIN; designs can be shared.
• Logos, emblems and other components will cost Evermarks/LP.

A lot of the existing skins are already of that nature. When I look through the list of skins for a ship, most of them are ’ Meh '. So I’d love the opportunity to create something new and different.

But this is a “dress my spacedot barbie” game…

Isn’t it?