Ship Customization Engine

I don’t know about you guys, but I would like CCP to introduce a feature like custom ship paints in the game and they should give players the ability to submit their own skins/custom ship paints to a workshop where we could vote our favorite content for being accepted inside the game. Someone tried to show how such a thing would look like and I really like the idea. I would like to hear your opinion about this subject.

Here is a link to a video showing how this would look like inside the game:

Edit / Here is a close-up:


Tbh Id just like CCP to contact Sanrio and ask for a merchandising deal.

But Id fly that scorp no problem.

Well, the ideal is great, I love it, but first chance people get they will abuse it in ways I could only imagine, I wouldn’t want nazi ships flying about, or some other obscene thing, and we have plenty of nasty trollers in game.

CCP is the biggest troller, initially releasing SKINs with “bug” that allowed to apply one SKIN to any hull in the game, and then not making it a feature, but getting rid of it.

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I don’t want to point fingers so I will post this, few years back a new person was added to the payroll, I figured because of their nature at some point their influence, their prescience, their way, because a leopard doesn’t change their spots would start to show up, over the years it seems that this ‘troll’ behavior has grown, I know people who punch code see it a humorous and it should be accepted as such, but too often and the humor kinda dies as the same joke isn’t funny after dozens of ways.

this is what we asked for, we got pre-made skins.


True dat.

The closest we got to what we asked for was T’Ambers ship modelling thingamajig, and some excellent concepts from the same player.

With the expectation that CCP would occasionally review the skins and choose the ones they feel are appropriate for the game (look through the top rated ones and say “yea we love that one too!”) I feel this would be excellent.

They could completely farm out their skin development, all they’d have to do is build a rudimentary skin tool.

I’m all in when it comes co customization but one like shown on pictures above would shortly end up with CCP in court for violation of the rights so I’m pretty sure this won’t ever happen.

I think though that allowing us to paint ships with colours or sets of colours (like armor dyes in SWTOR) could probably work fine for both players and CCP - I would gladly shell out some plex for sets of chosen colours for my favourite ships.

Mhhm I can already imagine all my ships flat black …

Would it not make sense for CCP to hire a skin mod? after all they would profit from the sale of the skins? it would pay someone for a few extra hours work and boost the profits of the company whilst making players happy

So when is ccp gonna do what people actually ask. Sull waiting on real Wis and all we ever had was captains quarters

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