Ship skins

just another idea … have eve have a 3d paint engine out of game and mesh maps for the ships we can buy to use in 3d engine and make our own skins with art and such and then charge us to upload the skins in game for what ever ship the mesh map was for ? they could apply it to there ship or sell it for isk would be unique and bad ass to see all the different artist and there work i think eve (ccp can make money on it and also other capsuleres could ask and buy from there fav artist or even put in orders for special ones made ? no ? i like it

Why would CCP pay a skin contractor when they can pay in house artists at whatever pathetically small amount they are already paying them?

If skinning took any skill, I could see them doing something like the Creation Club ( FO4/Skyrim). As in, pay a pittance for the work of skilled modders they couldn’t do in house and then sell it for big bucks to the people too dumb to use the Nexus for the same mods at no cost.

How about Halo-style shield recharge effects…
A friend is asking

I’d rather want CCP to implement in-game ship paint manufacture by using gases and ores/minerals. By mixing them in various proportions you can get colors of various saturation and brightness and apply to your ship. Count that custom paint job as volatile ship skin that is destroyed along the ship. That would re-vitalize gas harvesting a bit and add a little bit more of variable customization to the game…


The amount of money it would cost them to check every single submitted skin and to make a derivative work out of each of them would render this a fairly but cash sink, they would have to try and make sure you legally owned whatever you uploaded and that it didn’t break any of the rules or contain copyrights from any real world company etc

Its not going to happen for a company of CCP’s size

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no, youll have skins being sold with penis drawings on it, we all know this. ive gone into jita and amarr before and someones taken the time to draw a giant wang on station on dock.

Modding is not allowed by CCP.

No, go away.

Surprised ccp hasn’t capitalised on alliances etc submit custom skins for certain type of ship tbh. Would be funny seeing goons with their :honeybee: skins.

The amount of money CCP could make selling fairly basic skins with alliance / corp logo’s is insane.

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Agree not just alliances but bombers bar, incursion fleets etc.

This has been a “coming soon” feature for years now.

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