The ability to make ship skins

I think this could work with the new update. This is because of the new Everpoints. Though I think that there should be a 7 day wait time till the skin comes out. This way people can not make 18+ skins in eve. you could sell this new skin for isk or for free.

Why would we want no-tallent gamers making aweful looking skins all over the place.

CCP has a fantastic team of designers maintaining the look of the Eve universe.

AND before you say it, NO they also dont want to have to pay someone to inspect every skin designed by a player for quality or tiny peens that people think they can sneak onto their shipskin.

Despite what others may say, don’t give up thinking of different ways to possibly help the game.

However, these Forums do have specific sub-forums where most of the threads you’ve created should have been posted.

For example this thread should have been posted in the sub-forum :

If the results of Everpoint exchange were tradeable it would have been a start.

Its just few patterns with colors that cost you a lot of PLEX. If they would give the ability to make it yourself, they would be “not gaining enough money”.

But… customizations are not ever gaining them enough money anyway!
The real money is in POWER! Super Boosts, Extra Skillpoints, Gold Tier Ships!

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I support CCP making money through their skins. I want them to be successful so the game continues developing. So no, I don’t think it’s a good idea for players to be able to make their own skins.

Giving omega players the ability to customize a skin they bought with a color palate though… might be ok.

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