Omega players

Why is it that CCP give gifts to get new omega players but don’t give them to us long time Omega player’s we pay there salaries so we should receive these gifts as well,or we should just stop being Omega’s and be Alpha’s for six or more months.
See what they say when there is no income for that time,rember Omega’s pay there wages

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If they gave us stuff that can be turned into plex it’s not good for them as older omega players can make the isk to sub monthly with plex

same reason why phone companies offer discounts to new customers. or any other subscription based business model has new member bonuses. its to encourage people to upgrade to omega.
besides, you can get the bonus anyways for exactly the same price as an alpha gets it. they add 1 month of game time (or however much is required for the free gift) and get it, you add the extra time, and you get it as well.
it would be like complaining that a burger joint is offering a buy one get one free deal, but you want a free burger since you bought one last week and its not fair that you need to buy ANOTHER burger if you want the free one.
thats exactly what these are. buy x amount of omega time and you get y bonus. doesn’t matter if you have bought omega time before or not.

while we are at it, its so unfair that people who use a recruit a friend link get a whole bunch of free sp, but when I started the game I never got it. or how about all the free sp and skillbooks that kids these days start with. I’VE BEEN PAYING FOR YEARS I DESERVE FREE STUFF!!!


We got a praxis^^


shhhhhhhhh… don’t let the entitled kids hear that, they might have to start remembering all the many gifts we’ve gotten over the years.


From other games I have got idea that company can give the virtual currency when someone buys VIP access.

Maybe CCP could give some PLEX, like 5 per day for every subscription that is paid with irl money. But they apparently dont need that trick for people to subscribe.

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Plex is also purchased with real money. And can be traded for game time. Giving away plex would be no different than giving away game time for free

Opiate economics. This bit isn’t about Omega’s, it’s about making Alpha’s want the same drugs.

It’s called a one time gift. They get it once and then they’re Omegas just like the rest of us.

If you think you’re better off getting one time gifts, going back and forth between Alpha and Omega, then I suggest you do this. If you think it’s not worth it then maybe it’ll help you in finding the answer you’re looking for.

If I had a nickle for every time some entitled little ■■■■ decided they want free stuff because they’ve been paying for longer, I’d be rich enough to win Eve and go get a real life. At the end of the day, you’re free to vote with your wallet. And you’re encouraged to do so.

But, at the end of the day, you pay for Omega and that gets you Omega status. Nothing more, nothing less.

Imagine I went to the gas station and said “dude I fill up here every week, can I get a preferred rate?”… they’d wonder what kind of drugs I was on.

Or if I went to the grocery store that I always went to and said “hey can I have this for free, because I buy a lot of groceries here?”… nope, of course not.

Or what if I were to go to the movie theater and ask for them to just throw in the “super-cool cup with the themed lid on it” at no cost because I’ve been to lots of movies there. Still no.

You want ■■■■ for free. That’s not how it works. They give incentives, not freebies.

So by all means, go alpha. If they want your business back badly enough, they’ll offer you incentives. Odds are, though, that the rest of us being happy with getting the omega time we’re paying for (aka not being entitled snots), will leave you with little to no bargaining power. Enjoy being an alpha.


Do you go to your local Supermarket and demand they give you food for free “because you pay their wages”?

Do you demand your car manufacturer give you free stuff because you’ve driven their brand of car for a few years?

I bet you don’t and you shouldnt here.

You’ve received exactly what you’ve paid for and CCP has delivered to you what they promised.

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Is this @Jin_taan at AT? Maybe not, I’m ‘kinda’ confused and tired…

While I don’t think omega should get free stuff your examples are bad lol.

Gas stations and movie theaters have loyalty cards which essentially give you things for going to the same company. Where I go for lunch on my breaks the guy gives me big discounts cause I’m there every time I work and I didn’t even ask for it. Even grocery stores are doing loyalty cards now it’s becoming very common.

Edit: The more I think of it the more I remember getting free ■■■■ (larger than normal portions, discounts, free side thingies, drinks on the house etc) from companies for going there often without even having a loyalty card or asking.

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Every now and then the manager of Domino’s will give me a free cheesybread since i order it almost every night after work :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. And? Ccp has been giving away free ships, skins, accelerators, special edition drones, etc, in various formats for years. Even this last Christmas, omegas got different gifts from alphas.

This particular offer is simply a bonus for adding game time that’s available to everyone. If you missed out on some of those over the years… sorry, guess you just haven’t been a loyal customer long enough to have gotten them.

Bro read the first sentence in my post lol… Also been here since 2017 so… I was just saying those were bad examples from Old Pervert.

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Please take your consumer surplus and be happy with it and stop whining, it is rather unseemly.


I want to argue. It’s in my nature. But you’re right. They were not the greatest examples.

Buuuut since it’s in my nature I’m gonna argue anyways. In virtually every case, those incentive programs are “with purchase”… “buy this, accumulate rewards for something free”. They’re marketed to attract volume, and the overall consumer’s cost for goods has that expense baked in.

So, to amend my examples, I should say that what CCP offers to alphas is incentive to go and spend their money with CCP instead of with a different MMO (where the OP just wants to get more free stuff because he has already made the choice to pay). You are ultimately right, it’s just not quite the angle I was going for… and sadly, I have myself to blame for that. Maybe I’m just muddying the waters further lol.

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I remember getting all kinds of gifts over the years. Gekkos were awesome. And free at first. I was frackin dumb to sell them a when they were a week old.