No Discounts for Omega Subscriptions During 15 Year Celebration?

It’s 15 years of Eve Online. CCP always hypes their enthusiasm for all the amazing things players have done during this time; contributions we have all made over the years to this glorious game. Alpha accounts are getting up to 50% discount on 3 months of game time to get omega status right now but current omega accounts have to continue to pay full price? So theoretically, I could have dropped my sub last month to alpha so I could take advantage of 3 months at half price as omega now. This isn’t fair to the loyal fanbase that has contributed so much considering the alpha accounts who get the 50% discount will also receive all the same free SKINS and SoCT ships the regular omega accounts get. Why is there no love for omega subscriptions?


Alpha accounts are pretty much trial accounts, There is nothing wrong with CCP trying to get some new people to sub up during the event and why not give them a discount. after the 3 months they may stick around and then they’ll be full paying clients.

you’re getting ships and skins are you not?

do remember CCP are a company trying to make money while giving us our sandbox to play in.


Well, I gave you a like for posting anyway.

Course the whole idea is to get Alpha accounts hooked on being Omega accounts.

And so what if they get all the SoCT stuff, there’s going to be an overabundance of those items in the market so that stuff will practically be dirt cheap.


When you are hooked, they wil stop distributing free samples to you, it was always like that.


Pretty much standard business practice.

Always annoying to see that new customers to the broadband provider I use get their first 12 months for half of what I pay.

Me, a loyal customer for years, but hey … loyalty will get you nowhere.


They just had a omega plexing discount. Instead of 500 it was 425.

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Not to mention the half price Galaxy packs with 3 months of Omega thrown in.

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Think of it as the relationship between a junkie and a cocaine dealer. You get free samples until you’re on the hook. Then, it becomes a matter of whether you’re a whale, or not. It reverses the relationship essentially, it’s about the shiny now. If you’re a whale you get the shiny. If you’re not a whale, you get to see the whales getting shiny, encouraging you to outspend yourself.

CCP’s basically adopted a model of behavioural psychology you find in unsupersived or extralegal casino’s.

You’re not supposed to get love. You’re supposed to believe in shiny.


I just checked and don’t see this anywhere? All I see is a 15% discount on omega cost from plex price which all players can use? I’m logged into an alpha account now to see and the 3 month option is still $38.85 which is the same as normal?

But I do know what you mean I have 2 accounts fully subbed for a year and Iv lost out on so many special’s so far because of it, last time I do that.

That concept has EA games written all over it and it’s lame as ■■■■ no respect for that kind of ■■■■. There is a reason I’v boycotted every single EA game written in the passed 2 years as I’m sure many others have.

You might want to look at key position changes at CCP the past few years in that case :joy:

He was replacing CCP Seagul already, when she was on maternity leave. Now when CCP Seagul resigned, he have nearly unlimited power. He reigns supreme. :joy:

Funny how the game has been going down hill since 2013 isn’t it. :thinking:

Not really down hill. That’s a matter of perspective. Keep in mind EVE once was a non standard game, an emergent dynamic. Then stuff happened and the decision was made to no longer continue down that road.

It’s still EVE. It’s just not the EVE it was once going to be - on which most marketing and expectation patterns are still based - but just another game which stands out in some ways due to its past.

Some people like it, some people don’t. Some see that the roadmap itself leads to packaging the place up. Some don’t care. It doesn’t matter. As long as you keep buying shiny you still get a pixel based niche where you can pretend being able to make it into what you want it to be.

There’s good reasons why EVE makes a good investment :sunglasses: Even if thusfar no other activity hasn’t, other than paying for experience base :sunglasses:

At the end of the day there’s only two real benchmarks: is a customer having fun and is he willing to pay for shortcuts.

Standard proceedure.

When you buy a years sub, you get equity as a lower $/month.

Dont worry, you arent being screwed out of anything you have paid for.

"Sean’s extensive experience in the games industry will be extremely valuable for us as we enter the second decade of the EVE Universe,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP. “The next few years will be the most important in the company’s history, as we build on the launch of DUST 514, expand EVE Online, continue development of World of Darkness, and kick start our efforts in mobile gaming.”

Oh god, this is painful to read now…


Rest in peace poorly thought out games

Sean Decker must be really efficient. He basically optimizes everything cost\effect terms, but it doesnt have any vision. CCP Seagul provided it, but she had to struggle with people like Decker. Now where are we? Ah, yes, the direction game is going now.

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