15% off Omega Time in the New Eden Store. Can't find this in the store

15% off Omega Time in the New Eden Store.

It is offered but if I want to buy it I don’t get the discount to show up anywhere. It shows on the plex but not on the Omega time.
Or is it only applied to plex?

This. The discount is only for paying with PLEX in New Eden Store.

Well, what a big dissapointment.

They advertise two lines of text so that it looks like the discount is applied to buying omega time too.

I realy wish they could be more clear about it. I am still confused.

I just PLEXed my account for a year…just before discount…

They are not wrong, the second discount is for buying Omega time … with PLEX. If you would buy PLEX with cash and then redeem Omega time for said PLEX both discounts combine.

Of course nobody doing the math would do that. Yet. The days of subs as we know them are counted IMO.

Yeap. Buying PLEX just to sub is 3x more expensive than conventional subscription.

CCP already done the maths and know they earn a lot more if people would buy more PLEX for subs.

Every 500 PLEX sold, CCP actually earns 3 months of subscription. So even if they have a 50% sale, they still earn 1.5 months of subs for every 500 PLEX sold.

Edit: Just to be clear, I am comparing regional Steam prices for subs. Their PLEX prices do not enjoy the same regional prices as their subs do.

That would be an extreme rise in the cost for people who sub. I really hope it will never come to this.

We are close to, just two, three more rounds of F2P adjustments … CCP will likely compensate by lowering PLEX prices.

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