12 month omega time

why has there been no discounts offered either through this website or through steam( I am a steam player) for any of the omega subscriptions, ie 1 month , 3 months or even the 12 months sub time as has been available at certain times of th eyear in the past.

Has the new organisation that now owns ccp decided that such offers are no longer to be made available to players such as myself

Please respond

Amazon has 12 months for $131 USD, which is a pretty reasonable price. I think that comes out to less than the regular sub (it is still $15 a month right?)

I just re-omega’d one of my accounts last week and picked the discounted 6 month option. Not sure what you are looking at but the same discounted monthly offers have been there for years.

Thats the price you get normally for 1 year.

CCP has been sending me EXCLUSIVE offers for me alone “so the ad reads” 15% OFF

I Feel Special




yea there was no discount on gametime in 2019
there where a few disconts on plex this year but not on gametime

i dont know why


I believe the OP is talking about this?

12 months takes it down to $10.95/month. That’s exactly how it has been all the years I’ve been playing.


Here we go again.

No. You don’t pay $10.95 per month.
You pay 12*10.95 = 131,4 upfront.

The difference is significant.

I keep having to mention this, because there are people who buy into the marketing so hard they believe that a yearly subscription is more affordable for people who can’t afford 15 per month, which it isn’t.

That, of course, isn’t directly related to your post …
… but I want to be “inb4” someone comes up with this nonsense again.

its the other way around. Marketing trick is to show lower price (per month) that makes people think it is more affordable for them than bulk purchase. Works almost the same way as .99 cents trick.

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Thank you.

Either way does it expose quite the thoughtlessness.
People who can’t afford 15 bucks per month,
will not be able to cough up eight times as much all at once.

Because it’s cheaper. Ha. Made a mistake in my post. People so far never wrote “affordable”. They always write “cheaper”. “It’s cheaper for those who can’t afford 15 bucks per month”. I doubt that “affordability” is something they’re aware of unless pointed at. So far it didn’t look like it.

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Ironic that it’s only the rich people who can afford money saving deals.


nice post but completely irrelevant to the thread. The OP specifically references…

And I was simply pointing out that the discounts for 1 month 3 month and 12 month subscriptions is still available.

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