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This might be the wrong place for this question but I am still technically newcomer status so here goes.

I see in my launcher there’s a discount deal for Omega, but I am on a 3 month sub right now. Can I tack that discount AFTER the three month sub expires and reap the benefits from that?

It adds on to whatever you have now. So if you do it, itll add time to your current sub.

Not at pc to see deal but if its a discount for 3 months, and you buy it, youll have a 6 month sun going on instead of your 3 month


Hi. Thanks for the fast reply.

I’m dumb. I misread the launcher card as a special discounted sale. It’s not: it’s just saying if I go annual, it’s $10.95 US a month which is a pretty good deal when compared to other MMOs.

You still answered my question which I appreciate! :+1:


Youll pay $134 up front, but it equals out to $10.95 per month.

Where as paying monthly at $14.95 comes to $180 for the year

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Can’t argue with that comparison and I quit smoking at the start of this year so more money for EVE.

EVE is healthier than smoking. :x::no_smoking::x:


Well… that is basically the price of two AAA games or a nice dinner for two with a good wine for one evening.

That is how I justify spending for a year game time in EVE. EVE is still really good value for the amount you spend.


depends on how deep your wallet is. best value for your cash on an economy class subscription will be the three month omega subscription.
there is a 50% of 3 month sub+MCT deal that is offered every few months (roughly) which i highly recommend…if you do the math (and skill farming properly set up) it’ll be just as good a deal as the yearly sub at premium price.

every blue moon CCP offers the annual sub at a discount. if you’re patient enough you could hold out for that while doing the 3 month thing.

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MinorFreak thanks for the heads up on the deal cycle. I quit smoking as a New Year’s Resolution and haven’t smoked since the 3rd of January so that freed up some money. I’ll watch the launcher for those deals.

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