Omega Sale Suggestion

Not your normal suggestion but I was directed by a GM to post this in the CSM forum so that it might have a chance of making it’s way to CCP…

Seeing as a few of other games are having sales at the moment (War Thunder for example just had 50% off 1 years premium…) can we expect any discount of Omega accounts coming soon?

If not, can I make a suggestion similar to the example I mentioned above? Omega Account 1 year discounted by 40 or 50%. These sales seem very popular and honestly I’d be bringing all my accounts back if they did. I’m sure others would too…

February 2020:

March 2020:

March 2020:

April 2020:

June 2020:

Just be patient, another sale will happen soon.

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The 90 sub + MCT promotion has been pretty consistent for the past year - you can pretty much keep the second character on your account training free of charge.

They used to offer 360 days for $99 but I haven’t seen that for a few years.

In the final analysis, it’s a business decision - if the game is growing why offer discounts? The regular price is less than you’ll pay for a restaurant lunch in most developed countries and Eve isn’t the kind of game you only play for a couple of hours a month - most average a couple of hours a day, or more. That’s a lot of entertainment for the price.

I appreciate the 15% off plex needed for omega time through the new eden store promotions.

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