25% off Eve Omega subscriptions TODAY 31/10 until 11am 01/10

Hi all

Just noticed this on Twitter and didn’t see a thread for it.

25% off ALL Omega packages today in celebration of Halloween! Check out more at http://secure.eveonline.com/AddGametime/ #tweetfleet


I have taken the opportunity to add 12 months of Omega time for £5.62 a month. Never seen Eve so cheap.

Load up, pilots!


Get 25% off all
Omega packages
**In the one day flash sale, **
ending at 11:00 AM UTC on 1 Nov 2017!

20.5 hours remain


I love how CCP shares this information through the oddest of channels. They must play a game of roulette for each announcement in order to decide which platform to release it over.


I agree. I would at least have expected a forum announcement from CCP, even a launcher announcement would be sensible. Ah well, I spotted it!


It’s a very good deal for the 6 or 12 month packages.

AND it’s repeatable (re-log and you can pay again for another 12 months).

HMM that’s tempting.

Some people are saying this comes around annually. I haven’t been around long enough to know. Is this true?

I’ve only seen $8 / month (for the 12 month pack) as a one-time offer for brand new Alpha newbies to upgrade to Omega, and that was not repeatable (once upgraded, or if you got any other deal, the $8 / 12 month offer disappeared). Otherwise, in the past they switched between PLEX discounts and subscription discounts to about $10 / 12-months-package, for the big holidays like Christmas season. So, basically, $8 is almost unheard of, but it may be the new norm that they will periodically offer, I don’t know.

Personally, I got this twice, with the full knowledge that I won’t be playing continuously all this time, and that I am, in fact, paying for at least several months of just skill training queue. It’s unclear where the game will be more than a year or two from now, and there should be another discount like this within the next year or two, so I didn’t see getting more than 2 years. But certainly if they repeat the offer (or have a better one), I’ll extend my subscription. Basically, I’m not going to pay $15 / month ever again; instead, I’m going look for discounts and extend only then.

Also, I don’t have skill-farm alts. It’s very likely that the people who are trying to make ISK by training up skills, then extracting them, and selling the skill injectors, are going to jump on this offer because it reduces their cost / profit.

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Yes, I just saw this while trying to activate one of my miner account in High-sec.
I almost missed it, as the webpage changed to the login sequence and the RAM overload refused to let me go back or stop the change to process.

I remembered seeing the red Avatar from the login screen, but I mistaken it for the new Headhunter Skin frame, which resembled it.

Look forward to seeing what this does to the PLEX market if anything…

so if i have 2 months of existing omega time left and i buy 12 months more now on this deal does that add on ti my existing 12 months giving 14 months omega time?

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Correct, it would extend your current subscription time.


Yup, I bought 24 months and my next bill date is sometime in 2019.

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24h is way too short for a sale. Not everyone is active in EVE every day …

Some people have to work on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Years, etc.
It’s life, some times you just miss out.

Well this is utterly stupid. I would have been able to afford to resub for a decent amount of time, had they bothered to use proper channels to announce it. Ah well, just have to wait a bit longer then I guess.

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Wow thanks for the heads up CCP… …

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oh that’s a shame I missed the sale, maybe next time, if i get time

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