25% off Omega time? I can't find the discount

Tried buying a month of omega time, but don’t see any 25% discount applying. Got the email saying that 25% off on 1 month omega package.

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I got this email too right about the time I was thinking about resubbing and was excited to take advantage of it. I clicked the upgrade to omega button but I don’t see any discount. I’ve looked around a lot and have not found anything else suggesting a 25% discount on omega 1 month package. I’m wondering if something went wrong.

same here. Was going to let it snag me with all the bonuses going on but no discount in sight when I click the link.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the confusion on this - the team are working on looking into why this offer isn’t showing up :slight_smile:

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leads you to:

If you dont have an offer button you can try to manually navigate to that “Specials” page and see if it works.

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So just a heads up on this, the link that was in the email is the wrong one, and we’ll be following up with an email that contains the correct one later today!

Sorry! :smiley:


Oh you scamp!


I got an email to say that a previous email contained the wrong link and image and that the correct link is included.

Clicked on the link included and still get the message “No offers are available at this time”.

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bamboozled again!

Same…“maybe because i’m already omega and i have used the first days of the log-in event” were my thoughts…

I did this, but didn’t see any offers. Very strange.

Me three.

New email still points to an empty specials page.

Actually I’ve had 4 new offer emails, all are the same.

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Well, i bought the 1 month on accident, usually websites let you go to the review page before submitting something, but on the site, i just put my debit information and clicked it and right away charged me. I was trying to see if the 25% was going to apply in the last checkout stage. I feel scammed.


Same here still. Email link takes me to no offers available. Haven’t been omega since my first sub a couple months back

CCP dunking on everyone…July April fools??

Heya. Is this going ahead now? Didn’t get promised email yesterday?

I have numerous accounts but this offer only seems to appear on one account I don’t really want to Omega.

Why is it only appearing on some accounts and not others?

I am using the updated link from the “new” email.

It’s quite possible that this is a a targeted promotion aimed a Alpha characters. There was an upgrade promotion for roughly 25% ($99 for 12 months) for quite a while after Alphas were first introduced.

It’s been a long time (seems like a couple of years) since the last significant subscription sale - I suspect there is a lot of pent up demand!

One offer per email address seems to be how it is run. The offer is independent of the number of accounts you have linked to that email address.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to “move” the offer to a different account and I’m not sure how CCP picked the account that actually received the offer out of the ones registered to that particular email address.

Some of my email addresses got no offers at all. None of those accounts had ever been subbed at all. So looks CCP are trying to get people to “return”.

It’s not targeted at “new” accounts. My 75 mill toon got an offer. Lots of accounts on the same email address with fewer or more SP (that are newer and older) didn’t.

It might be the account that first used that particular email address.

Perhaps they want some players to pay by cash rather than PLEX for a month just to cool the PLEX market a bit.

It might be dodgey programming on the bot that sent out the offer :slight_smile:

At 10 US dollars I’d sub up a couple accounts so I can run a couple of accounts together.
At 15 US dollars per account I’ll let them sit idle and fool around on a single Alpha toon.

Eve on an Omega is just a bit too pricey given the gaming market today.

Oh there’s a butterfly…………………………………