25% off Omega time? I can't find the discount

Good riddance.

I have 1 Omega account and two Alpha accounts. The new email link did not work for any account.
I clicked the link, then logged in to each account one by one, logging out each time.
The specials page came up EMPTY for my Omega and Alpha accounts

All 3 accounts are linked to the same email: I didn’t get an email offer on the 2 old email accounts I used years ago.

There needs to be a NEW NEW Email for the 25% offer :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to ask for an extension on gift week since my Alpha accounts can’t claim both daily prizes since I can’t buy the 25% Omega offer until the link is fixed…

I put in a Support Ticket on my two Alpha accounts asking for extension of gift weeks since I’ve held off claiming only 1 of the 2 daily gifts. But I think I’m going to start claiming them before they fix the 25% Omega offer… in case they don’t unlock the gifts I missed as Alpha or extend my time to claim the daily gifts

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Following up my earlier posts as well. Received both emails, and no offers are available on the account still. Remembered some age old account I used to have when I tried the game forever ago and it doesn’t work on it either. Was really thinking of throwing in for the deal with the specials going on. Don’t want to seem stingy over $5 but finicky and sketchy communication makes me apprehensive about subscribing.


To me it’s looking weird, so far they keep saying they are looking into the problem, but to fix a 25% off 1 month omega on the site is simple. I think, they lured many players back with their 25% BS because of the clusterfuck they are creating with their blackout and stupid npc invasions that have made some players temporarily leave the game. They wanted to make that extra $5 on each of us and made up that there is a problem with the 25% and then just hoping everyone forgets about it.

Are we still waiting on the 25% Special or did it happen but “NOT FOR US VETS” or what?

I’m building a new Rig for August - I’m flush at the moment - but I’m also a bargain hunter. 25% off 1 year subs will be an easy 25% off 1 years subs money in your bank account - where as 25% off of zero is still $0

Is there any update as to when this 25% discount on Omega will be available?

Still waiting on this. Been wanting to get back in with this but it’s taking way too long to fix.

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I just got a popup for a 50% off 1 month of Omega time on a brand new account.
Nothing on my main which is disappointing as it’s never been subbed, is the one I’ve been doing everything on and was hoping to make Omega soon.

Getting spammed with the emails yet no discounts. The offer is supposed to be over tomorrow and still radio silence from CCP. Golfclap. I wish I could say I was suprised, but, well, I’ve been here too long.


AFAIK : Was only offered on the 1 month sub if you paid by credit card.

I didn’t see any mention of a 25% discount on any of the longer (3,6, 12 month) plans.
All of those plans already are discounted with respect to paying a month by month sub.

I’m not sure why CCP hasn’t officially commented in this thread but today I got a reply back to a petition I lodged in relation to this 25% discount offer.

This isn’t the full reply I received but here’s the explanation part:

“The offer was aimed at lapsed users and in some cases users that were not eligible, or have multiple accounts, received it. Since we didn’t explain this in the email it’s very understandable that you would expect the offer to be available for your account.”

So basically the hamsters sent me the email by mistake.

To CCP’s credit they have offered something a bit different to what was advertised but is kind of “equivalent”.

IMO it is a genuine effort by CCP to do their best to set things right and they are to be commended for the effort.

All I recommend is if you received the offer and were interested in accepting it you lodge a petition (before the offers ends) and await CCPs response.

except I was a lapsed user and I could not find the discount either.


This isn’t the first time they spam my inbox with failed offers that I apparently don’t qualify for. It’s bad enough to offer different sub prices to your users based on arbitrary metrics, but if you’re going to do it, at least do it properly. Geez.


Well I’m lapsed and shall remain so at their request I guess :rofl:

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My thoughts exactly.


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