25% off - 3 month Omega time offer - only for Alpha accounts?

I’m only able to access this on an Alpha account, but the wording “seems” to include Omega accounts as well. Any chance CCP will change this to allow Omega accounts to purchase the offer?

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Yes it is and no they won’t as it is just another “carrot” to get people to upgrade to Omega.

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Not likely.

There hasn’t been a straight-up subscription sale for well over a year. I don’t even expect to see one this Christmas (there wasn’t last year).

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There was a 10% off deal on Halloween. You must have missed it.

Not really. I meant straight-up sale, 1mo, 3mo, 6mo, yearly. Last yearly subscription sale was Dec 2017.
Imho, it is a real missed opportunity for long-term committed players, instead of focusing on short-term cash.

I must have been mistaken. I thought the Halloween deal was a straight-up 10% off annual deal. I didn’t buy it, so my mistake probably.

Now you won’t be able to afford a Big Mac Meal.

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