3 months Omega for 15.99€

Seems to be too good to be true.

Why can’t they tell you what the skin is before buying the pack?
Change 1 Free Skin to what your actually getting?
Or View Offer?

Yes, that sucks. In this case it’s the Dramiel Sariel’s Flames SKIN.

I bet it was a typo. That’s why the store is now DDOSed. Love the QM at CCP :rofl:


A costly typo!

There are spaces missing between SKINTOTAL or OMEGA1. - Someone should have checked this before making it public.


And it’s fixed. €38,38 now.

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Shame… and I was just about to open the wallet for the first time in a couple years too!


It was fixed about 4 minutes after someone posted it in alliance chat haha CCP was super fast on this one.
Congrats to the lucky few who made it in time a lot of us crashed on the account screen.
Page would not load or w.e but I guess that was CCP’s quick fix.

The 3 month deal even now is kinda meh but the 1 year is decent at $10 per month.

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Yeah, and the 2 year sub is even cheaper at $9 per month…

Course paying for a 1 yr sub is already risky at best, basically betting that the game will still be active…



Yea I don’t mind risking 1 year but 2 is out of the question, I mean if it was 2 years for $7(per month) then it would be tempting.


But still there’s no guarantee that this game or even CCP will be up and running for that whole 2 years…

Usually I buy a 1 yr sub just for the convenience, don’t have to do the ‘PLEX for Sub’ grind.

However recently I haven’t done that due to buying various game packs which, among other things, include different amounts of Omega time.

At 7 I would risk it thou lol bit of a gamble, WF has been great so there is definitely a good chance.

I would have been in at that price!

else it is far too rich for my blood! All hail the Alpha life!


Next time you find one of these errors, DM me instead of posting it. There’s a cool 25 ISK in it for you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Me too…but not now !!!

Maybe it was an experiment to see how we respond and maybe more experiment’s are coming I’ll be keeping an eye on that page from now on lol.


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