Re; 15% discount on 30 days of Omega time in the New Eden Store!

When opening the game client I had read the message about the 15% off Omega.
Followed the link over to the promo page which reads until April 1st.

Could someone please supply the link to this actual discount to purchase as I keep seeing the following;



$14.95 total

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It’s not a discount on the suscription website. The full message is:

New Eden store - 15% off 30 days of Omega

Means that in the Ingame store, you can buy 30 days of Omega for 425 Plex instead of the usual 500. I guess it’s a reaction on the high plex prices atm and the big ammount of mimimi because of it.


Oh so if I were to purchase like $19.99 worth of Plex to be able to get the 15% off 30 days of Omega sale, then it would cost like $16.99 for 30 days of Omega.

I read the 15% off sale and it had me excited for a moment.

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Plex suscription is mostly not worth it if you have to buy the plex’es from CCP and then exchange it for the suscription. It’s more for the players who have enough ISK to buy them directly from the Ingame market.

But Easter time is arround the corner, it’s possible that they will use that for a discount on suscription like they did on valentines day and others. But that is just a guess.

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Yeah, I will look out for the Plex sale if there is one at Easter,
I spent all my Plex I purchased at Christmas so I don’t wish to convert isk back to Plex at the current price.

I didn’t wish to place my foot in my mouth but couldn’t help myself as it tastes so good.


i wouldn’t be looking for a plex sale. Hillmar said they were slowing down on those.

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