Whats the deal with this friendship week omega sale?

hey, was just checking out this from the launcher link Friendship Week | EVE Online

I had a look in the store Add Omega Time | EVE Online and I see the sale for 12 months, but it comes out at £99 saying that that is ncuding a saving of £43, when did 12 months omega become £140+ ?

The last price change in my time was back in sept 2020, Updates to prices in GBP | EVE Online it increased to £99.99, where is the 15% off?

I’m confused :thinking:

The calculation is correct.

The offer with 15% comes only from 22.


Sale goes live on 3/22.

you didn’t take into count CCP maths its never made much sense after all CCP Devs can divide by 0 and get a working number in eve ^_- they call is - our logs show nothing and its working as intended lol

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still no 15% off

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Yeah I’m waiting for it to take effect as well. It’s the 22nd here and everywhere else!

Dray Cil

@CCP_Dopamine Any info on why sale is delayed?

Sale is canceled, go home.

Okay, I’m covered until November, 2022. :rofl:

Took a few minutes for it to register - seems a lot of people are taking advantage of it. As for the lateness, I’ll forgive CCP if they reimburse my old POS items. :roll_eyes:

Dray Cil

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