Yearly Omega Time Sales


Every year Omega time for subscriptions especially the 1 year subscriptions go on sale and get a discount.

Is there a reason there is no sale for this year ? Would be nice to go on sale so that people can buy it.

BDO has to pay for their purchase.


Any comments Sir ? Would be nice to know if there is a sale planned at some point.

I’m not so sure they comment on that information.

the reason is that you are about a month early, usually the big subscription sales happen to coincide with eve fanfest, which is generally early-mid april.
with the world tour happening this year instead of fanfest, we may not seem the exact same schedule, I would expect there to be some sort of sale to coincide with each of the world tour events, although it will probably be smaller sales. we won’t know for sure until evesterdam later this month.

I’d expect the largest sales to be either for evesterdam since its going to be the second largest for the year, and the closest in date to when fanfest ran. or for eve vegas. the other events will probably have smaller sales.

Yup we are at rock bottom now, also every day is a sale day if you change your steam region.

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