15% discount on "30days Omega-time" Deal Endtime

Any idea how long this plex sale is on for ?

This is not a PLEX sale, just saying.


Thanks that reply really helped.

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It is usually posted in the Articles/News section, or on the launcher. Not in the game atm so can’t try mousing over the NES store item to see if it has any info.

Lacking any CCP info on it (because hey, why communicate sales to your customers?), I would guess it probably coincides with the current “log in for free SP” event. So people can be tempted to upgrade to Omega and score those extra free SP.

So ends at the end of the 03/31 session, I’d guess.

As said, it’s not a PLEX sale … and it was not announced anywhere so it will probably be ended just as sneakily as it was introduced.

yea its not a plex sale
a plex sale would give you discount on real money for buying plex

this just means “you need less plex to get omega state”


And its a nice way to tackle “Plex price is too high” player complaints. One month of Omega costs 1.8 bil with that discount instead of 2.1. No market intervention or plex sales required.

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doesnt fix a god damn thing…
It still is not a plex sale.

@CCP if you want to help with things instead of this stupid a$$ money grab ■■■■■■■■…put out more Subscription discounts instead of plex or the NES garbage.

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why? Players complained about plex prices using “but the newbros…” argument. This 15% discount is an immediate 15% drop in ISK required for those “newbros” to plex their account and depending on how long this discount will last - it might decrease plex demand a bit and lower plex prices in the long run (i doubt tho). And high plex prices keep being alluring for plex sellers. A win/win scenario, imo.


This effectively drops the ‘cost’ of a month’s Omega back to 3.6M ISK/Plex. And as you say, continues to pay Plex sellers well for spending RL cash on Plex.

I dunno about anybody else, but with 3.6M ISK/Plex plus an SP bonus for Omega this weekend, I’ll be Plexing a couple accounts.

It lasts till April 1st…
Coincides with the weekend free SP from log in…
And it would not decrease Plex demand…it would increase it.
And there fore increase Plex prices…
Because mroe ppl have to buy the damn plex, and to get it fast would have to spend RL cash unless they were already rich in game for the weekend…

But yep, I know i had to spell it out for you…sorry you are so dumb.

except it doesn’t, because its also caused an increase in demand (coupled with the free sp weekend) that has made plex prices shoot up again after they had finally started to stabilize and even trend downwards.

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well, if that discount doesnt last beyond “free SP weekend” - then it is a missed opportunity by CCP, imo.

it ends on april 1’st according to https://www.eveonline.com/article/pp4v9i/new-eden-store-15-off-30-days-of-omega?origin=launcher


its a shame then.

TBH I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who complained about lack of sales, then can’t take advantage of a sale when it happens, because they were waiting for after the sale to do anything.

Hot market tip: If you aren’t ready for the sale before it happens, that means you will lose to those who were. When you are waiting for the Plex sale, you stock up on ISK. When you want an Omega sale, you stock up on Plex. When you want a sub sale, you set aside RL dollars. In advance.

Welcome. The inside I offered is more helpful than you may think. :wink:

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What the hell is that “sale”. CCP really want to pump PLEX prices up even more?

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fix the plex prices ffs

Draining down already to low supply definitely wont help in fixing price.