? ... 12 Month Omega in NES ...?

Now one the New Eden Store (NES) … 12 months of Omega time for 5500 PLEX …

Is 5500 PLEX for “12 months Omega” a good offer ???
I remember buying 12 x “30 day Omega” for 5100 on the “15% Off” offers !!!

Does this signal the end of the “15% Off Omega Sale” offers … that allowed us to buy “30 day Omega Time” for 425 PLEX … or 12 for 5100 PLEX … ???

And why are they messing with the name “30 day Omega Clone Time” x “1 Month Omega” … why mix the names … this promises a problem in the future …

??? !!! ???

This is peak Karen level of overreacting.


I know i am nitpicking !!!

But 30 days and 1 month are not the same …

Go away, whale.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


A month omega is counted as 30 days. If you sub for a year at once, you get 360 days. So there’s no difference between the two names in terms of days.

As to whether this is a good offer or not, if you have that kind of isk piled up and ready, and you are willing to spend it on a year omega, sure. Game time is the best value you can buy with isk, unless you get banned :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: If you do not have that pile, well … let’s put it this way: with every conversion you lose value. Subscription for a year in the most straightforward way via CC etc has no conversion :wink:

But whole year? Can you stop Omega and return to alpha every day you want? I have not seen that option.

If people will be not playing all the time for this one year, its like overpaying.

Then don’t. The level of whining really is out of control.

You can ask GM to pause your omega.

As a plex holder with a few decades of plex to my name, I’d not be tempted to buy discount bulk game time at 15%.

At 15% you would have to be desperate for omega, not managing less than 54 days per year per account.

Even as a eve trillionaire there are times where omega is just not required. The discount would need to.be bigger maybe 30% raising the break even days to 108 days.

15% is meh unless you play eve every single day in a omega ship with less than 54 days off at all, which is nuts.

No holidays, no special irl days, no evening work commitments? Very few people who are good with numbers will benefit from such a long term plex commitment for such a low discount.

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I’m Omega when I sleep or work and cannot play, does that mean I’m overpaying?

No, I still get the double training time and pay to be Omega whenever I log in. I’m not paying for Omega by the hour.

If CCP would allow paying by the hour, expect it to be significantly more expensive per hour than buying in bulks of 1 month at a time. 50 plex per hour, or something like that, which makes playing less than 10 hours a month cheaper to pay by the hour. If CCP goes for a cheaper hourly rate than that, they would lose a lot of money to people who only pay for their cyno alts for 2 hours a month instead of the full month.

If you do care about not paying Omega for a month in which you cannot play, see for yourself if buying 11 months is worth it for you compared to buying the full year.


Only if you would not use (login and play) 2 months of this yearly service you paid for, you paid too much for it.

Example would be when your work shedule changes so you dont have time, or when you grow bored so much you dont log in, or CCP changes something that makes you quit.

Of course it doesnt matter if you dont log in for months if you treat EVE like its skill queue online.

For veterans sp is pretty irrelevant, we’ve had so much free sp over the years many veteran players have 10’‘s of millions unallocated only spending to knock out level 5’'s in personal choice or doctrine ships.

So going omega on a char ie alliance super alt or titan ect is a when and where required event. Even my main goes alpha at times.

Sales eventually end, yes. When Black Friday is over, and you shout at the merchant, “I know black friday was a month ago, but why arent these clothes still on sale??? !!! ???” You will look like an idiot.

I dont get it. Whats the mix up. 30 days omega clone time is 1 month of omega.

Did you honestly think that 1 month of omega equaled to whatever month of the year you were in? So if you buy a months time of omega in February, sometimes you would get only 29, sometimes only 28 days of Omega?

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It isnt even lunar month, just 30 days.

It is not month practically.

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I don’t see what you are complaining about. They added this deal, it doesn’t mean there will not be more deals in the future. Maybe there will be no more deals on 12 months omega for PLEX, so what ?

Sure, and a day technically isnt 24 hours, its actually like 23 hours 56 minutes and something something seconds.

But theres a general consensus, and we agree that a day is 24 hours. So no one cares about what it actually is.

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Some people care.

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Some people are just negative Nancies who do nothing but troll and spew negativity.