PLEX for Omega Time; How much?

Okay, I have always just paid for my game time out of pocket, so I really have no idea on this and cannot for the life of me find how to get Omega time using PLEX.

How many PLEX do I need to use to get a month of game time?

Yes, my skin is thick enough for the abuse I know I’m fixing to receive, as long as someone actually answers the question. :sunglasses:


500 plex = 1 month of game time.

It’s more expensive to plex accounts, if you’re buying the plex with real money just for that purpose. But as that doesn’t look like what your’e doing, it’s not a problem :slight_smile:

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*30 days of game time.



Yes. This is correct. Better for Feb, worse for a few other months.

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Make sure you have 500 Plex in your Plex vault (drag and drop from the hangar floor if necessary), click the Plex vault, click Add Omega Game Time…


You still dont get it.
Its 30days, regardless of month.

Sub/PLEX sub doesnt buy you a month.
It buys you 30 days.


Thank you all for the swift and accurate replies.

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I wasn’t disagreeing with you. Saying it’s a month is common usage, even if it’s inaccurate.

The better for February, was just pointing out that for one month in a year, you get more than a month’s worth.


You still dont get it.

You dont get any more value from sub, or PLEX sub, in February than any other month, whether 28, 30 or 31 days long.

You just get 30 days. Period.

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Yes. 30 days is better than “one month” in Feb. And it’s worse than “one month” in the 31 day months. That was the point that you missed.


Has nothing to do with any month.

Use the NES store icon.

Wow, an actual argument over the definition of a month. I’m impressed!


I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you aren’t a native English speaker salvos. He isn’t disagreeing or disputing your point or even trying to argue. This is a lovely little mannerism or way of speaking which a native speaker would see for what it is. Don’t think too much on it


Can’t tell if you really don’t grasp what’s being discussed or if you’re just desperate to have something (anything) over someone :blush:

Always keeping us guessing.

No that’s the best bit, he speaks English. It’s like mis-understanding something, then instead of admitting it you just double down on your original silliness :expressionless:


Natively or as a second language? I say ■■■■ all the time I have to clarify to work mates who are fluent but not native

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Undeniable truth is its always 30 Earth rotations around its own axis worth of Omega time when you sacrifice 500 PLEX to CCP.


Save time and buy subscription for irl money instead of trying to grind tha ISK. But if you dont have irl life, or it doesnt have any appeal to you, you would really not care what I say anyway. :wink:


Be careful. Once you go through that Door, there’s no going back. PLEXing is tempting, and it comes with all sorts of behavioural changes :slight_smile:

Rule of thumb: if you don’t have to factor in PLEX costs for an account based on activity, it’s fine. Otherwise, a subscription is healthier :slight_smile:


This is simply awesome.



inb4 another salvosh meme immortalizing his wisdom :wink:

Also :popcorn:

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