20% discount Plexing Omega

I just checked the Omega Time Plex price and the 20% discount is gone, but the announcement clearly states that it lasts until the 28th. I think or the vast majority of players will assume that this 28th refers to the 28th DT. If there is a gap between the content of the announcement and the actual implementation, how can I trust what ccp says in the announcement afterwards.

Plex is still on sale on the website, Omega is still on sale in the NES.

Plex is on sale for sure, but Omega not. It’s 500 Plex for 1 month Omega Sub in NES.

Hmm you’re right actually, I got confused by the “look at these saving” percentages.

That’s really weird.

It seems to work now.

Dam I need to convert to plex for the 3 month discount again in March.

It’s tough as I am no longer extracting and I am holding billions in stock for market positions.

Are you holding onto injectors? I reckon the price of those babies has gone up quite a bit.

Maybe consider selling some of your stock for plex, that way you avoid paying taxes on selling injectors and you get the plex for your omega.

The NES offers for Omega are back in the store for the duration of the 28th :+1:


You might say that was a… swift response? (I know, I know I should have been a comedian)


No, I am not looking at holding those.

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