Omega + MCT 50% sale question


Was wondering if anybody would happen to know how many times a similar offer came up in NES for plex and perhaps the dates ?

I know of 1 in 2023 but unsure if it was the only time.


I’ve seen it at least twice in the past 6 months (including this one).


Don’t try and compare the website store with the in-game NES. The NES plex value is always more expensive than buying it on the online website store.

What I’m waiting for is the two for one extractor offer in the NES. I’m sitting on a big pile of PLEX and a whole lot of SP right now.

As for the Omega + MCT sale. It’s a pretty regular thing as Arthur said above.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Its not included this time in NES

Im not sure I agree…the 12month omega + 24 mct was 4100 plex in 2023 which would make you able to buy it just short of 5 times if you had bought a 20000 plex with discount at aprox 500-520ish$ …Taking the offer through the website would “only” give you 2,5 buys for aprox the same amount.

Yes I know its regular in the online store, Im asking about the similar NES offer which I only saw once in 2023 (and ofcourse just after I had added time to my accounts :smiling_face_with_tear:)

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Currently 2024 →
Online :
12 Month Omega + 24 Month MCT

12 Month Omega : 3600 PLEX (reduced from 6000)
+24 Month MCT : 4600 PLEX (reduced from 8400)
=8200 PLEX (at the rate of 20K PLEX)

Yes @Michal_Somebody you are deffently right at current price in NES.

But Im talking about the 12 Month Omega + 24 Month MCT at 4100 plex which is the compared NES offer.

Its the offer I was asking about…if anybody knew if it was a returning deal ?? as I only saw it once.

It is still about half the price of the current offer if you had taken the best 20000 plex offer in the online store at some point and saved the plex to buy the NES deal at 4100 plex

Not sure but the MCT and Omega specials in NES is like this now. Not sure you will see that deal again, there is only a less 50% on the website currently →

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Wouldn’t surprise me if timing of NES promotions is more of an accounting decision. When PLEX are sold they remain on the books as a liability until redeemed. Most are redeemed through the NES for game time, skins or other “in game” items. Should be some promotions over Easter - hopefully Guristas Hunt event will return though I don’t see any evidence of that on Hoboleaks.

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