"Buy Now - Omega / PleX from $4.99

I clicked the link on the character selection screen and it brings up the online store page with the “featured products.” Not a single item on the page is $4.99 for plex or omega. Plex and Omega (subscription time) are two separate items for sale. Please correct this misinformation on your character selection screen ad.

Or is this a solid Jita scam tactic to bring them to the page in hopes of luring them for a purchase?


Support ticket would be more welcome. Since they don’t look at forum much.

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its false advertisment for sure…
but they do have, or had 100 plex for 4.99 EURO, i think…
…which btw is “alot” more then 5$.

its the same for Omega & Extractor Bundle be nice to find that for sale too

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Might be a good time to start an Alt Pilot, RAF to your main then when the alt upgraded, it will also reward 15 days Omega to the main.

It’s a whopping 50 cents US more…

That was a special offer available in-game from the NES, the amount of PLEX required to purchase it was reduced.

oh yeah, i guess the economy is fluctuating alot now with the corona virus…
now its 10 cent diffrence… but last time i checked, it was around 25% more, which is alot in terms of diffrence, but perhaps not “much” in terms of a price.

or perhaps the diffrence is that my home currency is alot stronger to us$ then to euro…?
its still false advertisment thou, as it says “plex and omega” from 4.99
as one could have guessed, its either/or, and not “plex+omega from 4.99” as the english sentence would suggest it was.
and the current price for 100 plex is 4.99, so its not a “sale” either.

Buy Now - Omega / Plex from $4.99

Which can be read a number of ways, though the Plex pack is the lowest of the two and should have been written as such;

Buy Now - Plex from $4.99 Omega from $10.95/mo

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