20% Off Omega

I click the banner for 20% off omega from the launcher but it just takes me to the CSM vote page. Manually going to the NES doesn’t show any 20% discount either. Am I blind?

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Seen this too and my guess is that we need to first vote then we are taken to the 20% discount page?

I am rewatching the CSM17 Twitch interviews to help me with my vote.

I already voted yesterday but checked it all out and verified I was signed in and I still don’t see a 20% tag.

Found it, it’s in game Look at the price to Omega 30 days with Plex

Nice find but what a bad deal. Even if you were able to get exactly 4800 plex at the 6000 plex price it’s $192. Compare that to just buying a year for $150.

It’s a good deal, if you figure out how to make enough ISK to afford the PLEX.

If you have more money than time: send some of that real money to CCP for your sub. But if you have more time than money, EVE can be “play to win” - where winning is defined as not having to pay your own real money for a subscription.

average highsec miner hauls 7bil per week so yeah definately

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