Does CCP hates money (no discounts on Christmas)?

To get things out of the way - I’m newish player and I bought starter plat pack on discount some time ago, so I’m omega till march and have enough PLEX left, which means there is really not much I need for now.

So I was waiting for Christmas period waiting for some discounts, maybe get something cheaper, some skills or maybe some additional pack and I see nothing. They have one additional pack in store, which I have no interest in and… that’s it. Come on CCP - throw something, anything on some sale - let me give you money, because right now I don’t really need anything, but I could buy it on a discount. Or is it a time question and the sale will come later? I found no information on this on google to be honest.

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are you mining in highsec? I want to help.

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NES store has heaps of discounts.

You buy plex and use that plex to find your sale item.

Or sell your plex so other Capsuleers can find that sale item.

Either way you are giving them money.

But NES Store isn’t even close to the same for someone like me. It has 1 bundle, which is nice 3x omega + skins. And Christmas skins with discounts. Then compare it to starter packs - for example SoF bundle gives me omega (1 month though) + skins + jacket + skill points + booster. It’s not something I need, so I won’t spend 25 bucks, but, if they give it say 20% discount and it’s now 20$, it becomes at least an interesting offer.

Like I said, I’m newish so not much interests me in NES - I don’t know which ships I’ll fly in future, so not interested in skins. I have omega, so, for now, not that either (though this actually has value). They don’t have skill points for omega (outside mct) - something that I could use, especially on level 4-5 skills. Like, I have 1500 PLEX now which I’m holding, because there is nothing in NES outside omega that could interest me, when I run out. Just wanted to share and ask, because surely there are players like me, who would spend their money on something, if that has at least some actual value for them. For now - almost nothing in NES has, Eve store does.

I’m sure there are many new/returning players that would rather buy a pack with some additional cookies on discount and see how the game goes, than spend 20-50$ on plex (omega 1x - omega 3x + skin bundle in NES).

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I hope you can provide polarized mining boosts.

CCP tends to cycle their sales pattern, and run them shorter than most other gaming devs. So you won’t see “Here’s the December discounts!” running mid-Dec to early Jan like in some other games.

Watch for three-day weekend sales, Week Before Christmas Sales, Boxing day sales, maybe a New Year sale or two. And some of them will be on website, some in NES store.


Time for a locator

Meh, also I mine without permits.


I like cookies! :wink:

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CCP doesn’t love money or hate it, it just has it all.

We recently had black friday sales. I expect to see some christmas sales too, but it’s not yet christmas.


there is a sale! but its only on the steam store, 50% off all packs

Funny. Gimme! Gimme!

Who doesn’t want cookies?

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