I tried google but want word of mouth. Does Plex ever go on sale in the CCP Store and if so, when does it usually happen?

Just a quick question. When does plex usually go on sale in the CCP store and by how much?


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Watch the regional market is how I find out.

We literally just had a 20% PLEX sale that ended yesterday (February 23), although it might’ve been a targeted offer.

Open sales on PLEX seem to happen about 3-4 times a year, and you can save between 10-20% on various PLEX packages. I’d imagine we’ll see something around Easter.

It still was on sale when I checked last night 20k flex (lol autocorrected Plex) for 515 Euro instead of the normal 630 Euro.

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plex isn’t really worth buying atm. price has been sub-5m for weeks. give it a few more for it to stabilize.

(unless you wanna plex your account instead of selling it, ofc)

It’s currently on sale on and for some unknown reason, PLEX prices in the market have suddenly skyrocketed and the New Eden Store is down.
Either some insider information about a sale concering NES is leaked or the market capitalists have started buying PLEX in order to fulfill…
Just saw it while writing, there’s a Omega sale in NES. Maybe it was just down for me for a while.

lol Freudian autocorrect!

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Looks like plex is currently 15% off right now

Usually around the next downtime after a post like yours and usually 15% off on select PLEX packages.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Since PLEX is basically future profits from omega pulled into present, I’d wager sales would happen most often when Pearl Abyss thinks they wouldn’t meet this quarter’s sales quota for EVE.

Though I must state specifically I have no information to back it up and it’s at most an educated guess.

I think that’s the general concept with all business sales - they want to increase sales, so they offer a lower price to see if they can get people who want a better deal.

I saw a mention of a deal of cheaper Omega for PLEX, which could explain the skyrocketing PLEX prices.

Can someone loan me 50k plex??

I can loan you 50k ISK?

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