CCP Removed the $5.99 PLEX packages: permanent or temporary?

I’m curious if this was done permanently, or only for the current PLEX sale promotion for the ‘Invasion’ expansion/release. I personally stopped buying PLEX last year, started running PI on all my toons, and I do not do PVE generally. Prefer not to pay for ISK. As EVE has a very broad spectrum of people from diff situations, and economic cirumstances, I think the addition of the cheaper packages probably would allow CCP to attact more PLEX purchases.

So I noticed that they had removed the $5.99 PLEX package tonight when logging in to see the deals they were currently offering. Seems like a bad move. I make pretty decent money but have tried to limit myself from throwing money at the game (It’s like buying fireworks).

I thought the entire reason they granularized PLEX (1:500) was to make these smaller sales possible, so removing them seems like they’re backtracking on that strategy.

CCP is this permanent?

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I’m pretty sure the current PLEX sale is just for the invasion expansion event and afterwards the regular PLEX prices will be back.

It’s what happened last time.

I’m looking at the PLEX tab under account management. The $4.99 110 PLEX package is there and the prices / PLEX amounts per package look normal.

What PLEX sale is happening?

Well, I received an E-mail on Saturday the 25th from CCP advertising a limited time PLEX sale and figured that’s what the OP was talking about.

Get 15% Off PLEX
48h Sale - Prepare for Invasion!

Greetings Pilot,

Prepare for the Triglavian invasion and get 15% off many selected PLEX packages in this limited time 48 hour sale ending 27 May at 11:00 UTC!

Trade your PLEX for millions of ISK and buy Skill Injectors and new ships, or spend it on Skill Extractors, SKINs, Multiple Pilot Training and more in the New Eden Store. You can also use your PLEX to buy Omega time where you can get 2x training speed, access to all ships, skills, modules and more .

Explains why I did not see any sales prices. This ended couple hours ago based on that time

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The reasons for the PLEX changes were to have one (1) currency for all purchases, for “subscription” and NES (New Eden Store).

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