PLEX Sale?

This is badly needed, and I believe this would also reduce the price on PLEX.

I am most definitely sure the PLEX price would go down if CCP made a plex sale like 25% off or something, I know for sure I would buy a ■■■■ ton and fix the sale orders a bit slowly.


For a week. They will skyrocket right after that.

Then the sale should last for a month.

And then the next month, it gets even cheaper.

And cheaper.

And for a year, this continues.

That would drop the plex prices back to 400 million where they belong.


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that was 7 years ago. times change, and even the mother of all plex sales wouldn’t manage to push the prices down that far for long.
besides, if you know what your doing its not hard to plex your account even at todays prices. arguably its even easier than back then because of the options available and how much we’ve managed to optimize isk making.

After reading the CSM Minutes doc regarding the economy and PLEX, I agree on the whole “less PLEX sales and more subscription sales”. Making PLEX cheaper to buy isn’t going to lower the price it’s sold for on the market.

If anything it just causes people to buy more to hold onto for when prices reach an “absurd” level.

Exactly, I’m perfectly fine with paying my sub, if I can get it for less, with some rebate on 3 to 12 months be it, that stop botter and all these people that they try to stop and make our life better :slight_smile:

They should do sub sale actually … we’re more then due !

I hope PLEX soon stops skyrocketing and drops back down, from the perspective that I have 12 Alpha accounts I would love to go Omega. It’s also becoming far less profitable to have any extra “play/experimental” accounts and am slowly letting them drop into Alpha state. I’ll keep my 3 main accounts and PLEX them easily, but above that additional accounts become a much bigger chore to maintain.


I have no idea why people keep banging on about lowering the price of PLEX. It is currently cheaper to fund your account by subscription fee, which puts cash in CCP’s bank account. Let’s not forget they’re a business and have overheads etc to pay… Just because we all enjoyed a nice year of sales last year around the acquisition of CCP by PA, there’s absolutely no reason for this to now continue. EVE should be a subscription game if you want to keep enjoying it, nothing in this world is free! PLEX should just be used for ISK to fund whatever you want to do in game which, coincidentally, it does very well currently!

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You missed the post above you that has 12 accounts. That’s why they want plex cheaper, so they can multi box to ridiculous levels

I don’t multi box, I enjoy doing different activities in different locations. It is a pain to jc everywhere and have the necessary tools that you need at all times in all places. To use one or two characters to fly everywhere just takes way too long.

It is much easier to PLEX separate accounts to do the more fun activities. I am willing to accept some isk loss, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult. I want to experience everything it has to offer, which requires characters in WH, Null, Low and High.

As I have previously stated PLEX is a luxury, however the high prices are quite disappointing.

For CCP Plex= Subscriptions…
Cheap Plex will cause then to lose Subscriptions and money.
Plex sales are basically shooting themselves in the foot…
Don’t forget they’re a business and have expenses too… Like server upkeep, maintenance, insurance, utility bills ect… and they need to pay there employees too…
With that said…
What needs to be cheaper ( Plex wise ) in the store are in-game items like skins, duel training , extractors ect…
To me, Paying 500+ Plex for a skin is the same as paysing them $20 just to make my ship look pretty…
I can’t justify that myself…

Keep Plex skyrocket expensive! I want botters to suffer!!!


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