How far will plex fall?

Everyone jumped ship.

Plex falling? I don’t believe it.

Plex spiked in December and as fallen back a bit but has been stable so far this year.

If CCP puts the new Galaxy packs on sale the same way as the old Premium packs it could put a little pressure on Plex.

haha made me look

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I think Zahara is less so talking about PLEX actually slumping, and more so being salty about PLEX being the same price it was 3 months ago and refusing to budge upwards.

Is this a sign of a dead game? Discuss.

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Its due for a big drop… Too much downward pressure.

on 2:20 you could see Zahara

Looks likes this post worked…assuming you really wanted PLEX price up. To the moon Alice!

Considering I was holding about 3.5 trillion worth. :joy: Now I can invest it in actual profitable things.

Who doesn’t love a good panic sell off.

The PLEX prizes were handed out from the Alliance tournament. Liquidating to share the isk between team members or funding for next tourney.

There’s also a 25% off Plex sale.

How many Plex did you have to liquidate? The days of Plex going up, other than the brief spikes, are behind us.

How about that… They make you wait all this time to get your Plex and then have a sale when you finally get them… :joy:

You look like a crazy person talking to themselves :smile:.

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I am crazy.

Here’s a visual of the current Plex market… giphy

Look more like your sanity tbh.

It can’t fall any further.

How’s life?