PLEX holders πŸ’ŽπŸ–‘

Plex prices are on a year long crash but diamond hands here is holding, I re-invest each drop. Does anyone else value server time more than ISK?

I am a proud co-owner of CCP, I aim to have 50 years minimum of server time for each account or what I like to call β€˜my life time subscription’. Are there any other co owners of CCP here on the forum?

I know I should have sold high & re-bought low but I feel naked & uneasy without my lifetime Eve online subscription, I have a phobia that the plex market will dry up & I will be left with worthless ISK, at ships, t2bpo & Titans, who feels the same?

What more can I say than, I love eveonline, I love plex & we love the stock, to the moon!

50 more years, 50 more years, 50 more years!

Are shares publicly traded? I thought Pearl Abyss owns 100% of CCP. So you have shares of PA? I personally wouldn’t touch, game industry is too volatile, and you have the currency risk on top.

Plex is an unorthodox share in CCP, to be paid out on any potential liquidation under direction of the official receiver, practices under unfulfilled subscriptions. Pennys in the pound, it is a status quo.

PLEX is a ccp liability owed to players. By owning plex you own ccp.

Other markets are available, ie, PAC, KQ.

But the great thing with plex is you can buy CCP for space monies & not have to deplete your $ dollar portfolio.

PLEX are worthless bits, and, as they are ingame assets, owned by CCP and not you. Read the EULA.


That is incorrect.

At this point with all your other post you must just be trolling for attention.

As a side note… I hold a lot of PLEX. It is an ingame product that no longer hold any value in the real world once it is plex. If you were able to convert your plex back into USD you might be on to something. But for now… maybe just sit down and stop posting nonsense…

ISD: Time for another close I think.


Yeah…PLEX != shares of CCP

I mean they are not conventional shares but on liquidation unfulfilled subscriptions are normally paid, penny in the pound or in this case a fraction krona in the krona. What more do you guys want? Well at the very least 28 days server time. We bought the subscription for space money, a little krona is better than no krona.

Anyhow, even if unfuffiled at liquidation CCP is steadfast in its commitment to provide product server time for plex while they float & for me I’m owed 50 more years.

As an eve online owner/fan I want the float to outlast my wretched mortal shell. Priceless, to the moon with plex! 50 more years!

Same with the AUR tokens, look where that went. :smile:

Who else wants a piece of eve? Buy your ownership certificate today in the form of plex. Lets send the value of Eve onlines community to the moon! Plex prices to 3m isk per certificate again.

We value eve more than 1.5bn isk p.c.m, eve server time is mana sent from iceland (via London), it is worth 4,bn isk p.c.m at the very least!

Aur was not sold for dollar or remind me was it?

Plex is sold for dollar and as such is covered by various legislation but as said the only opinion on this matters of value would be the receivers.

I know if eve stopped trading on plex I would be making application for my 1/2 korona & I doubt I would be alone as some people spend serious dollar on subscription. I personally spend spaceship money.

Anyway pffft, 50 more years at least!

Nowhere NEAR high enough

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Ramona, do you have rocket fuel? Yes, well sell it this love machine is blasted to the stars by PLEX!

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Plex has a real world value! That value is server time in Eve online which is worth more than any pearl abyss share!

The eve community clearly values it more than any PA share because they are buying lots of PLEX in dollar sales.

Now know this, that same plex can be bought for worthless spaceship monies (iskies) which can be made with PLEX. PLEX is near enougth self replicating for ISK buyers. Your wealth is compounding with every purchase of PLEX so get rid of that ISK & buy out Pearl Abyss.

You can always buy more ISK with plex later but you can’t always buy more PLEX with ISK espicially when it is on the moon!

Join me in my 50 more years adventure. Dudes I wanna see screen shots of huge plex vaults. I wanna see who really owns eve below in this thread! 50 more years of server time, to the moon with PLEX!

You’re an… Can’t say it. Plex is worthless. Sure you buy it with real cash, but it’s an asset in a video game, that once is in the game is owned by the developer of said game, not person who purchased it.

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PLEX is worrh 1 month Eve online subscription & if you feel that is worthless I feel sorry for you as Eve is mana sent from above.

CCP owes me 50 more years, keep the float, 50 more years!

When you realize how insignificant $15 is, the world of Eve becomes yours.

:star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :blush:


PLEX is not an unfulfilled subscription, it is an in-game item with multiple uses. Any payout could be made in the form of skins (or their cash equivalent of zero), one of the other things that you can buy with PLEX.

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If you apply it to your account so that you have 50 years of Omega time, it becomes a real life debt that CCP will eventually have to either pay or stay open for 50 years.

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You can’t get a debt paid off if there is no money to pay it with. When EVE eventually shuts down that will be the end of it, any unpaid debts will die with the company.

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It’s somewhere in the EULA that you get no reimbursement if Eve shuts down.