[blog] PLEX Inflation and the invisible hand

Another post to bore people.
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PLEX Inflation and the invisible hand
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Shout to @Ethan02 for his great site adam4eve so much data direct from the MER reports CCP put out monthly.


Hyperinflation in Eve, old news :expressionless:

You are right. It is old news everywhere.

Inflation is everywhere in life. It is slow moving hidden until it eats all your paper money.

Thank you for your comment friend.

If you just posted your article here i’d have read it. You lost me at making a click to some site. But I had just enough energy to bitch at you about it.

I tried yesterday. This is a new account and I can only post one picture.

Thank you for expending a little energy though.

Good read. Appreciate you sharing it. The graphs were informative even if unsurprising.

@Scarlett_LaBlanc Thank you for taking the time to read.

Another post is up.
PLEX Reverse sale and the winds of change

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I fully believe the extended PLEX sales was to drive cash flow prior to the sale. That’s pretty common in any industry.
Restaurants for example, will coupon or discount heavily before a change in ownership to drive additional traffic. If the current owner can show good growth, that helps to negotiate a higher sales price.

After depressing the market the Omega discount made sense. Turning those PLEX into subscription time was a good idea.

Appreciate the graphs. Helped me connect a bunch of mental dots. I was on a break during these events and your material is helping to understand what was happening with the markets while I was away.

I don’t know about the SP farming and how it affects the market on Plex, but I do see sky rocketing prices for Plex. In one year it has gone from 2.4 mil per Plex to 4.42 mil per Plex, and it continues to rise.

When I first started playing I could Plex an account for 200 mil, it is now more than 10 times that, and a significant part of that increase in the last year alone. I wonder how many players have left the game because they cannot always pay the $$$ each month and cannot afford to buy Plex in game?

It impacts on alliances to. How many players can’t or won’t attend a CTA because they are having to grind sites to get the isk to Plex? If I didn’t manage to get into deep 0.0 space I would be screwed as a HS PVE player.

The high prices for Plex also affect CCP’s income stream as well. The higher the price the less turn over on Plex, which means less less people buy Plex off CCP. If people were buying Plex off CCP to sell because of the high prices one would expect to see prices fall with a glut of Plex. But this isn’t happening, which means either people are not buying Plex, or the markets are being manipulated in a significant way in order to keep prices high.

In the real world, Governments would step in and regulate in order to maintain control, but CCP does nothing, why? If Plex did not exist, it would be a simple case of can afford to play/can’t afford to play. But Plex has allowed an alternative for those who can’t afford to play to participate. I would think many of those people no longer do because because the Plex system is no longer affordable, or players are sick of not having the freedom to play the game that other have because they spend most of it grinding in order to Plex their account/s. And how much of that in game money is being sucked away from in game activities and markets? Surely if less isk was being spent on Plex, more activity within Eve would take place with a more robust and active economy?

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I am busy over the next few days, I will try and answer some of this in a post next week.

Another post on the costs of running alts purely to extract SP.

PLEX What a difference a month makes

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