Plex prices and secondary impacts. Fancy charts included

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I will update this post once I have jumped through the CCP hoops.

PLEX is always in discussion. Almost always “too expensive CCP do sumfing, me no can play”. I won’t be discussing the price as in whether I think it is to high but simply the data in front of us.

PLEX SP farming and many charts
PLEX Volatility and the changing face
PLEX Inflation and the invisible hand
PLEX Reverse sale and the winds of change
PLEX Losing less <- most recent

There is more to come but I need to do some work which actually puts pennies in the bank.

I only have about 400days of data, back to Feb '18 so if anyone could share any extra data? Looking at some of the guys that host eve data online i.e. evemarketer or evemogul etc.

@Ethan02 is awesome go check out his site adam4eve

If you’re looking for historic price data, check this dev blog:

Allows stuff like this:

Awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Another day another post to bore people.

PLEX Reverse sale and the winds of change

PLEX losing less

Another post on running alts purely to extract SP.

PLEX What a difference a month makes

How things change, so jolly quickly.

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