Load up the PLEX

Buy Buy

Plex always goes up long term and holds value. Store of value :slight_smile:

it’s like…

Everybody wants it.

Seems right after I posted this, the PLEX market dried up and pumped over 3m :slight_smile:

PLEX HAS A REAL LIFE statutory value despite CCP’s bog roll EULA. Unfulfilled subscriptions need to be paid back before any company wind down.

In game asset debt needs to be accounted before any profit projections for new content can be made. There is no incentive for veterans to use irl $ as they are all mega rich in plex, assets and ISK.

A PLEX is a share in CCP. It is a great feeling to be an eve online player/owner. Pearl Abys think they own CCP, m’kay don’t forget your bulging puss oozing subscription debts.

15 years of Titan & plex stockpiles, yup CCP you gotta pay all this off you know?

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I would doubt that as the item is sold as is, isn’t it, as a virtual item, with no obligation on any other delivery. if it is unused then tough. You won’t be able to file a claim to the liquidators.

Well not being an expert in Icelandic law who knows and I think a lot of factors will come in to play.

A big matter would be when CCP stopped selling both subscriptions and plex prior to any wind up. Ie selling plex then winding up in the same year would likely not go down well.

However if CCP stopped selling plex and subscriptions but run the project loss making for a considerable time say 5 years then I suspect they get away as describing plex and unused subtime as non owed debts. Haven given their creditors, ie the players time to extract use out of their plex & subscriptions.

More than likely when a MMO winds down it is owing to a recivership, Un used subscriptions will be debts that the receiver would assign to any extracted company value.

Revenues are up.

PLEX going up, I don’t think anybody cares for your “Eve is dying” routine.

That is what this topic is about PLEX w.r.t ISK, you are off topic.

Plex and in game asset value is directly comparable to the health of the game.

Skyhigh plex is generally an indication of poor $ sub sales meaning CCP has 2 choices reduce operating costs irl or devalue in game assets (their IP) with PLEX sales.

As development of eve has all but stopped other than reskinned content events & plex price rises despite sales, it is fair to say things are looking a bit downhill.

I think after CCP’s new project crashes and burns that they’ll decide to pump some cash into eve development again.

I bought a skin with plex for my invisible covert ops ship that’s zoomed out to the size of 1 pixel in space, it’s working.

I also bought a skin with plex for a ship I cannot fly on Alpha, it’s working as intended.

I also bought these items with PLEX from a platform unofficially supported by CCP called Linux. I think their business model is a success.

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CCP could close eve in two days and come out on top. They do not have to offer refunds to those who still had time left.

Spend it or lose it.

The only way I can imagine you would have any claim against the liquidators is if they continued to charge your account after they cease to exist.

Anyway, this is off topic w.r.t the topic about PLEX vs ISK price chart and trend.

So all I have to do is buy up all the plex right before the servers close in a couple of years and CCP will mail me a fat check?

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