Gen. Discussion on the PLEX SALE EMail ccp just sent out

Inside the PLEX SALE EMAIL that ccp juat emailed out is this list of reasons to buy plex :

Get access to more ships
Skill Injectors for swift progression
Advanced modules to boost your battle odds

Wow, this would, once and for all, repel me from this game forever if I didnt have plex stored to sub with forever.

Is EVE trying to look like a complete pay to win game? Is that something you gain new players with nowadays?

Does CCP want to attract new players that have no skill but daddy has a credit card? Really?

I’m normally not one of those “Eve is dying” people… but holy crap, this starts to look bad.


You pay to PLAY the full game.

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I saw the email and got me a bunch because it looks like a pirates’ treasure chest. I can load it on my ship and look for a spot where I can burry it. ARE you doing the same, shipmates?


Treasure Maps for sale!

Find PLEX Stashes!
Get an edge over your friends!

Get them while they’re hot!

–Entrepreneurial Gadget

Contracts only.
No refunds.


Definitely a case of ‘Deja Moo’

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PLEX has always been purchased from CCP for these reasons. Why else would you buy it except to sell for ISK to finance in-game projects?

The only people who use it to pay subscription fees are those who can afford to buy it on the in-game market with ISK.

I suspect CCP is hoping to reduce the in-game price of PLEX and they will probably succeed temporarily - I intend to buy a bunch below 3 million because it will head back up as soon as the sale is over.

The economic problem isn’t a shortage of PLEX but a surplus of ISK. Bounty payouts are heading in the right direction with the latest MER - hopefully that continues.

Edit: changed billion to million - still thinking old PLEX!

Are you sure your bitterness at CCP isn’t clouding yiur judgement to immediately assume the worst of them?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years and ignored all the changes CCP has made, it shouldn’t surprise you that they’re chasing after the instant gratification crowd.

So far that gamble hasn’t worked out and all it’s done for them is masses of veteran players leaving because CCP constantly shows us the middle finger.

The game may be more profitable than ever, but space is also ridiculously empty. At some point critical mass will be reached and the whole bubble will implode and then EVE will be dead at last. All thanks to CCP and their direction for the game.

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I am not even sure about that. We only know that CCP had the financially best year ever. That may very well be due to the VR projects only.
If Eve is indeed also more profitable, I would suspect there were savings made, not the income raised.

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Wouldn’t chasing after the instant gratification crowd mean I could pay PLEX to speed up my manufacturing que or make my modules cycle faster?

I think people tend to confuse instant gratification with evolving game features to make the game better. Take skill injectors… Yes they are recent additions. However long before skill injectors, you could buy a bunch of plex, sell for isk, and buy a character off the bazaar that had all the skills you would want or close to it. Skill injectors just change the process a little and let you name your character instead of being stuck buying Sellable Alt1.

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SP trading is a massive cash cow for them.

You get plex, sell plex for isk and have all mentioned stuff. There is no P2W. EVE was always like this.

The wording leaves a bit to be desired, but nothing about what plex does is new.


lol - yes, well that’s how “OMEGA” works.

Your “Thanks for trying award” is waiting for you in Anamake.

Just sit still @50KM from any gate to collect!

If you don’t like it, don’t buy plex with money IRL. Problem solved.

I was curious how Plex was advertised in recent years. Here some examples from 2011 until today (couldn’t find anything before 2011):

November, 2011 / August, 2012 (from the end of a newsletter giving information about upcoming releases and similar stuff)


A Pilot License Extension (PLEX) is an in-game item that adds 30 days of game time to your EVE Online account. It can be converted from any game time code and can be traded on the in-game market for ISK. EVE players use PLEX to pay for their subscriptions, character transfers and even their EVE Fanfest passes. Players with inactive accounts reactivate using PLEX as payment.

August, 2013 (from a newsletter):

Whether you’re celebrating Simplify Your Life Week or preparing the kids for school (literally or figuratively), this weekend’s PLEX sale is here to help with those tasks that rest on this side of the EVE Gate. Pick up 1, 3, 8, or even 30 PLEX at a reduced price until 4 August 2013.

May, 2014 (from a “reactivate now”-mail):

Get the 29.99 PLEX 2-Pack! Reactivate with one and spend, save, or sell the other.

November, 2015 (Black Friday “Newsletter”):


Buying multiple PLEX has always saved you money, and now you can save a whole lot more. Buy the ship of your dreams, gift some to corp mates, or fund a war.

February, 2016 (newsletter regarding skill injectors):

Skill Trading can open up a world of options, and PLEX is a great way to explore them, especially with new ships, new skills, and citadels on the horizon. Pick up a pack of 2 or more PLEX and save on the bundle with this week’s PLEX promo.

March, 2017 (Plex sale advertisment mail):

Selected PLEX packages are now 15% off for a limited time. Why not take advantage of our amazing offer and trade PLEX for in-game ISK or use it to get Omega time?

In addition, PLEX can be used to pay for skill training on multiple characters and transferring characters between accounts, as well as reshaping your character’s appearance

June, 2017 (Plex sale advertisment mail):

Grab PLEX at a low price and trade for ISK to spend on your ships and interests. You can also treat yourself or a friend to an Omega upgrade and the many great items at the New Eden Store.

Act fast to get 15% off all PLEX packages until 7 June 11:00 UTC!

This week:

Trade your PLEX for millions in ISK and get access to:

* Get access to more ships
* Skill Injectors for swift progression
* Advanced modules to boost your battle odds

Here, have some cheese with your whine :drooling_face:


In fairness I bought a good chunk of plex, because I use it for multiple same-account character training, and with the discount on PLEX, it’s the cheapest way to do that currently. But I too am ashamed at how the game has gone down this bleak road to pay2win. (I won’t debate with people “IF” eve is pay2win or not, but we can ALL agree that it’s made massive strides towards it.)


I do remember some EA guy was hired into the C-level. It would be enlightening to compare that hire to when the tone of the marketing changed.

I don’t think PLEX is pay2win at all, you can also say the same about omega game time. No Max alpha can keep up with a half skilled omega.

I’m an alpha and I don’t have the time to try to keep up with the markets PvP or building to keep up with the Jones.

I just stay an alpha because I don’t have the time to really put in to make resubing worth wild.