Right back to trying to sell sp

Am I seeing this wrong? Or is CCP trying to sell sp again? 250k sp in the silver and gold value packs. I thought we had made ourselves clear the last time they tried this nonsense?

Did they ever stop selling SP for $?

Inb4 some fanboy justifys it with “already possible with injectors”.

and in bronze and platinum :wink:


Trade it for in-game ISK and buy new ships, modules or Skill Injectors, or spend your PLEX in the New Eden Store.

Just WOW, only 60 PLEX for that ALL? How much ships, modules and Skill Injectors do I get for 60 Plex? :thinking:

Um…they never stopped selling the Starter Pack, I think you are overestimating the amount that was “made clear”.

You’ve been able to pay $5 for 1mil SP per account since that “uproar” happened. Now they removed that and made it $10 for 250k SP…

what are you complaining about? They nerfed the hell out of it.


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