Actually CCP I want a silver pack subscription

Nice to see people complaining about CCP offering to sell 1.6m SP. From the best I can tell you only got the offer if any of your accounts had taken CCP up on any of their buy SP starter packs in the past. Seems like a great way to estimate the amount of hypocrisy among the player base.

Look, I don’t want CCP to change the game to grind base SPs. I’d probably quit if they did. If CCP is thinking something one guy said in an interview that most of the player base doesn’t know about is a trial balloon,then they are going to be surprised at just how badly the player base reacts to what would be considered a nerf to skill training. (Though simply making something like skilling spree pemanent wouldn’t cause much trouble at all).

Look, what I really want is another tier level of subscription that is about the USD 22.99 or so of the silver pack. Give a month of omega, an additional 250k SP (on top of current Omega and without login requirements), 100 Plex (realize this might hurt the plex market) and the monthly limited skin set.

Yeah, that probably could be done by buying some plex right now. It’s just that Plex means that I’m spending additional money over my sub for eve, while a higher tier subscription does not.

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I got that offer on all my accounts. Even those that dont even know what a pack looks like,

Lets stop pretending.


Fallacy. You can take advantage of a tool available to you while saying the tool should not be available to you. Many times in EVE’s history players have taken advantage of mechanics while simultaneously petitioning CCP to change the mechanics because they’re broken. It’s not really an issue of morals; morals in EVE are optional. It’s foolish not to take advantage of every tool to give yourself an advantage.

Selling SP is still bad for the game whether the person pointing that out buys SP or not.

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Funny, I’ve never purchased a pack and it’s offering me the 1.5m + booster deal (which is a better deal than 1.6). Um did you purchase (for isk!) any of your characters? I suppose the other option is some type of machine learning algo that is showing either the 1.5m or 1.6m offer based on what it thinks somebody is most likely to buy.

So um, the general consensus seems to be a silver pack subscription would be nice, but we don’t think we’d actually get it? Because I’m really not seeing boiling rage here.

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Same for me with somthn’ non alco please!

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CCP has various regular Pack offers available, one of which is the 1,500,000 mill SP’s with Cerebral Accelerator for $39.99…

1,620,000 mill SP’s for $43.99 is different and is listed as a special personal offer.

I have both showing on all my accounts.

I can confirm that this isn’t 100% true, as I got the offer for an alpha toon that I have never spent any money on, and who has never been omega (through a sub or plex). Maybe I got the email because I haven’t played on him for a while? Dunno.

I also have to agree with Xuixien. For example, I made extensive use of the absolute injection augmentors when they were available, but also made a video saying that I thought they should never be released again because they undermined the biggest reason that injector penalties were implemented in the first place.

All that being said, I don’t like CCP selling SP directly to players. It smacks of P2W and undermines player faith and goodwill towards CCP. Technically, CCP didn’t actually say that they would never sell SP directly to players, but that’s how a lot of players interpreted CCP’s statements on the matter. So, now they feel like CCP lied to us. Lie or not, I still don’t like it. Wish CCP would find other ways to make money.

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I have a lot of accounts, but only 5 emails. I’ve not gotten any mail for 1.6m sp in a paid package for Any of my accounts on any of my emails.
I bought the $22 pack on each one, which gives 250k sp, plex and 1 month omega.

I never received an Email either, just logged into my accounts and the special offer was listed

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