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When we got skill injectors and extractors , as much as i opposed it , in the end i had to accept the forcefuly implementation from CCP, i succombed to a compromise that at least they will be bought from the player market exclusively .

Yet we now have another P2W out of thin air SP pack from CCP .

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And people called me toxic every time I pointed out that problem in the past. :innocent:


It was introduced, raged about, and moved on from long before you were even a member of the community.

Catch up, bro.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Because a forum alt history is the real history of any player … lol.

What you need to catch up, is with your logic .


I was cutting you some slack for posting such an out of touch OP.

But, whatever vOv

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I’m bored, there’s no one within 30 jumps so far…

Don’t worry. these SP offers will surely change that.

The problem with these packs is that they don’t actually make you a stronger pilot in Eve, but they are sold that way. It can be misleading for newer players.

This is basically the same as someone SP farming and paying Omega and selling the SP to someone who bought Plex then sold it for ISK and bought injectors.

It’s just simplifying something that players have ‘solved’ in some crazy way. I think it’s similar to when you used to be able to buy bookmark sets, because you couldn’t warp to zero. Every corp had people spending all this time creating sets and managing sets and it was gameplay that was not really great… So they changed the rules and let everyone warp to zero like they were already doing anyway.


I mean, it does break the narrative illusion of the dark universe where countless clones are prisoners in sp farms.

CCP could include some narrative fiction about how the SP is coming from terrifying pirate mind prisons or something. That would be cool.

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Can we buy kill packs yet? I’d totally pay a few bucks for CCP to API some kills directly into zKillboard.


That would be sweet. I could buy all the trophies on zkill to flex. :muscle:

You guys realize that if that dumb joke gets 170 likes and CCP actually ends up doing something like that by Christmas I’ll have to kill myself, right?

Ironically, a long time ago, I talked about creating AIs that mimic players (including derpy local chat) to an extent that most players wouldn’t even be able to tell them apart. Imagine someone being ganked by one of them and posting a non-consensual PvP rage thread on the forums, only to find out that the “griefer sociopath” was actually an NPC.


I mean … this is not new , it’s just implemented without a courtain now . In the early days , you could have done the same, by buying a character from the bazaar . If your wallet was deep enough , you just bought the needed amount of PLEX, sold the PLEX on the market and with the ISK bought SP under the form of a character .

If this happens , they should consider you for a DEV position .
It can’t be worse than Fozzie or Rattati right ?

/me projectile-vomits

Bring back the nano Vagabond will you ?

First, this has been around for a LONG time.

Second, I’m actually shocked they limit each account to only 1.


and make missions in pirate NPC null to catch clones for the farms. :star_struck:

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It’s predatory marketing bad for new player retains ion. What happens is like they buy it inject the sp and fly ships that they really know how to and lose it hence like wtf and rage quit for a bit. Short term gain and long term loss.

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You’re conveniently overlooking the underlying factor that made a big difference between buying characters from the Bazaar back then compared to buying skill packs now.


Proper planning and lot’s of time was invested to train those characters in the Bazaar. It was all done by players, not CCP. The skill packs currently being sold by CCP are nothing more than monetization of the game, subtly advertised as a P2W commodity. And that’s something CCP said would never happen.

Those skill Points are created from nowhere, they bypass the in-game market and cheapen the value of character generated SP’s, not to mention they also make a mockery of CCP’s catch phrase which is often used as a major selling point of Eve = Player Driven Market.