P2W march!

Ok guys. SPR is another sign of agressive P2W intervention.
After they add SP bundles to store, loyalists arguing that “it’s once per account”
Interesting… what they will arguing now?

SP was last solid thing which cant be obtained bypassing core game design.
Now it’s gone. Soon you will see unlimited injectors on store.
Cuz… why not? :partying_face:
Guess what’s next?

  1. training speed will be reduced to motivate people to pay.
  2. SP extract/inject diminishing will be increased for same reason.
  3. Probably they just remove injectors at all after some time.

It’s sick.
We pay them enough for OMEGA (which is also was increased price last year)
Now they think we’re cows…
You cows guys?
I’m not.

ELITE: Dangerous awaits

  • No microtransactions.
  • No P2W
  • No skill training
  • No bull****.
    You’re always welcome guys
How much people do you think will be milked from SP resurgence?
  • less than 1% of playerbase
  • 1-10% of playerbase
  • 10-50% of playerbase
  • more than 50% of playerbase

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you lose me wen you compare eve with ED


Ok. Any other options?
Dual Universe - too laggy and early stage of development.
Starbase - not yet even released.
I dont see more options.

Yeah, didn’t bother to vote…

I think those are all good suggestions. It’s time the developers get paid for their work.
I voted more then 50% not because I think that will happen but because I wish it.

If you wish dead game - good luck.

EVE won’t die cause I won’t be the only one paying for it. All I’m saying is: the mooches need to go.

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Can’t say i seen a price increase. AFAIK, i’ve paid the same price since 2011 when I started EVE


$20 or $30 a month seems fair to me.

It’s only $15, you want to pay more? Not even that if you sub by the yr.

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Yea. EVE is unique. I don’t see why CCP should let people use their servers for less.

EVE used to be


It still is. It was mentioned in that stream not a week ago.

:rofl: Ok, you got me! If it’s on the internet, it must be true!


Of course. We got Fake News blocking now so Internet is safer and truer than what grandpa says.

Let’s be realistic here; EVE is likely responsible for giving ED to quite a large number of its players.


And will continue to do so.

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but what of the acktual female players? Will they get ED too?

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Visit Provincetown or Key West! You will find out quickly! :laughing:

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I think global warming is caused by woman’s hot flashes! Sorry ladies, but I cant get within 5’ of my wife when’s she’s having one. All I can do is toss a cold cloth like it was a sniper shot.

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