Training Booster Megathread

To cut down on all the threads I know will be popping up on the new bundle, I will be consolidating them to this thread. Thank you.


Ambitious Capsuleers,

The new Training Boost Bundle is here, featuring Skill Points that can be immediately injected, as well as the Expert Cerebral Accelerator to speed up your skill training even further and save you time in achieving your goals!

This bundle’s massive haul of 1.5 million Skill Points will give you the chance to instantly upgrade a number of your skills to level 5, allowing you access to advanced vessels such as Tech 2 ships and more.

At the same time, the Expert Cerebral Accelerator will speed up your skill training even further for a limited time, so you can reach for even greater training goals once you’ve injected your Skill Points!

Get Training Boost Bundle now

btw. @CCP_Convict It’s still not in the store and there is no way to buy it.

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Thats unfortunately true. Not able to see or buy it anywhere.

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posting to voice my concern over P2W features in EVE. We need less of those not more or im gonna cancel my 3 subscriptions


You need log in to see it.

I was obviously loged-in when I searched for it. But anyway - its fixed now and everybody can see it now! Fly safe.

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Best unsub right away then, as that’s clearly not been going any better over the last 7 years …

It’s wayy passed the point of no return and was properly sealed off by Injectors.

I am surprised you are still playing, and isn’t three accounts pay to win?


having alts is not p2w

Yeah if you are being a purist.

depends what you use the alts for …

Not at all, it is pay to win in a classic sense.

Does this mean CCP is now directly selling skillpoints?

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It looks like it and they obviously need the money. Totally not bothered, it is just more of the same, like multiple accounts. When I see golden bullets that is when I am out.

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I guess, if Im using them to dogpile on people in pvp, dogpile on asteroids or dogpile on any activity, then yes.

If it’s to vary my scope of different activities per char, less so I believe.

“We’ll never sell SP” …


You got golden “bulletlooking” pods already fyi :wink:

Not the same.

Bets on cost? Nearest wins bragging rights - £10