Skill point bundles

I recently noticed the skill point bundles being advertised on the launcher. It brought up a very strong memory. One that CCP wanted to make a point of and so they wrote it in bold letters.

Funny how priorities change huh?


CCP lied. People died!

I only have the Gold and Platinum packs left :rofl:

I agree. It smacks of P2W, and if that wasn’t bad enough, many people take it as CCP going back on their word.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to stop. There was a bit of an uproar the last time they did this, but it eventually died down. So, I guess CCP figured they were safe to keep doing it.

Of course, my concern now is whether or not this is their limit, or will we see additional P2W monetization methods?

Training Booster Megathread - since it is still open, you should be posting your comments there; it helps the developers see feedback in one centralized place, and you can read through prior commentary about the bundle.

I should be posting there?

Can you please tell me what you think this thread is about?

This thread is a response to the release of the skill point/training booster bundle (as highlighted in the launcher) - and all such responses are supposed to be centralized into that one thread so CCP doesn’t have to hunt all over the forums to find feedback and concerns about the change.