I am going to get crucified for this, but

I know that I am not the only person here who thinks that this outrage over the new Skill Boost MTX is way out of proportion and a lot of people truly do not understand what pay-to-win (P2W) means.

First and foremost those people really need to understand: pay-to-win is not the same as paying to skip. P2W would be like being able to outright buy a T2 Battleship fully fitted with the best T2 modules, all of which would be instantly replaced on death, with the skills to fly it right out of the gate. This presents a clear advantage because you not only skipped the amount of time necessary to train up those skills, but you also skipped over the in-game currency hurdle of needing to buy the ship and outfit it with the modules you need. At that point you only need to worry about the time it takes to get back into a fight, not how much ISK you need to spend. All of this would have been bought with real money - hence the term, pay-to-win.

What this new bundle does is effectively cut a huge corner out of the time you’re spending to get new skills to be able to fly the ship you want with the fitting you need for it. While with the Booster you get assistance in training even more skills as quick as possible, in the end you still have to figure out how to fund your new ships if you’re not buying PLEX.

Honestly it’s no different then buying 2 PLEXes to use 3/4 Skill Injectors, except maybe the fact that you’re buying it directly from CCP rather than taking another pilot’s skill injection. For new players it’s an option to get a headstart on enjoying this game. For veterans it’s just an opportunity to push out the last few skills you need to fit those T2 modules you need.

I honestly do not see what the problem is other than that it’s an optional microtransaction.

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