No in-game items for cash

I don’t pay attention to the store, so I didn’t notice until recently that the Destroyer Pack contains cap boosters and an implant. We need to recognize this for what it is: a test to see if CCP can get away with selling in-game items directly to players. This is 100% unacceptable. While you’re at it, please get SP out if the store, too.


I swear, we’re gonna have someone learning about this for the first time every other day despite being like 5 years too late on the outrage train.

“I haven’t been paying attention to this thing and it hasn’t impacted me all this time BUT NOW THAT I KNOW ABOUT IT, I AM OUTRAGED AND THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!


Is that what you tell your girl when she catches you cheating? “It didn’t bother you when you didn’t know, so why should you be upset now that you do?”

It’s P2W, it brings no other benefits to the table (i.e. plex allows people with poor exchange rates to be able to go omega), and it is a continuation of a trend (selling SP directly to players, selling skill books, ships, temporary skills, and now boosters and items).

And yes, there is a big difference between players using plex to get what they want and circumventing the player driven market entirely in order to sell items directly to players. And if you need me to break it down for you, I’d be happy to do so.

I have frequently been accused of being being a CCP shill, but this is something that I will not defend them on. It’s BS, and it legit has me worried where they are going to go from here. For real, I am getting worried.


Shh. Stop shouting.

Selling in-game items for cash undermines the player-driven economy, which affects everyone.


Don’t like it, don’t buy it.
Kids freaking out over nothing as usual.

Please do, I’d love to see your mental gymnastics. Bet it’ll end up with you telling me how EVE is going to die because of this, right? (Oh, but please do so without resorting to the slippery slope ■■■■■■■■, thanks in advance.)

You are vastly over estimating how much of an impact a couple hundred Cap Booster 150s have on the economy.

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CCP will be selling Titans in a couple of years.


I wouldn’t be surprised, though I expect the game to actually be dead by that point.

CCP already does sell Titans, along with every other ship in the game. Buy PLEX from CCP → Sell PLEX → Buy Titan…


Not quite the same.


That isn’t the point.

This is.

And you agree. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

But wait…

So which is it? Could selling cap boosters really lead to Titans ending up in the store or is this just the slippery slope ■■■■■■■■?

So we’re just gonna dive headfirst into the slippery slope fallacy. Nice.
You didn’t even take a pause to ask if that’s where you wanted to go. You just went straight for it.

It’s just slippery slope bs. You’re so close to the point but still missed it by a mile at the end there.

This is different from buying plex and selling it to get ISK and other in game items how?

Because buying plex and trading it for in-game items means that somebody played the game. They had to produce those items in game before you could buy them.

When you buy stuff direct from CCP, nobody had to spend any time in-game to produce it.

From a consumer perspective they might seem similar, but from a game participation (or supply side) perspective, they couldn’t be more different.


You can buy all the SP you want, and it won’t matter at all if you lack the actual skills to use them. Same thing with whales that credit card themselves to a faction fit faction BS. Unless they know what they’re doing all they’ll end up doing is spending several hundred dollars to look like an idiot in a fail fit ship on a multi billion ISK killmail. The best part is they’ll be paying to give YOU content. Mostly if the form salty rage tears from them, and you laughing your butt off at them.

IMHO the people most up in arms about buying SP are toon farmers selling toons for ridiculous ISK. It costs more to buy the plex to get the ISK needed to buy said toons than it does to just by the SP and custom tailor the toon to your needs. See the problem? So Toon farmers can do two things. Lower thier asking price to where it’s competitive with just buying the SP, or do nothing and continue to let buying SP too make the character you want from race,sex to name to be 30%+ cheaper real cash wise.

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You keep bringing up the slippery slope, but you do realize that the slippery slope argument isn’t fallacious when there is good evidence that the slope actually exists? So, I have to ask -How many times have players come into the forums to complain about CCP doing P2W stuff in the past couple of years?

Multiple packs selling SP directly to players (first pack happend June 2019)
Renting SP to players
Selling skill books directly to players
selling items to directly to players
Advertising plex to newbros when they lose ships

I dunno man, but it seems like they have been busy with the P2W garbage in the past 2 years, and I seriously doubt that this is going to be the end of it. They are going to do it again, and you’ll be in here accusing people of using the slippery slope argument… again. Don’t get me wrong, I seriously doubt they’ll be selling titans for cash. But I also don’t think that that means that they’re going to stop with all the P2W. My guess is that they’re simply going to try to minimize the blow-back as they keep baby stepping forward.

And not for nothing, but I already disapprove of what they’ve been doing. Obviously, I don’t want things to get worse, but I don’t want them to keep doing what they’ve already been doing either.

Finally, I made a video where I talk about CCP’s recent monetization efforts. I kind of doubt that you’d be interested in what I have to say, but someone else reading this might.

No P2W

It won’t be long before you can purchase individual ships, modules and other items from the EVE store…

I don’t understand why buying items directly from CCP is such an outrage. Every MMO I’ve played has some mechanic by which players can be a credit card warrior, but you can’t buy talent.

“Buying directly from CCP undermines the player-driven market.”

Is there data to prove that assertion? Sure, if someone buys skills directly from CCP it means they won’t buy skill injectors on the market, but is there data to say such a scenario takes place to such a degree that it’s a serious detriment to player-driven markets?

“It gives players unfair advantages.”

There’s nothing in-game that says the game is fair, nor is paying cash for superior anything a guarantee it will be used well. The one thing money can’t buy is talent.

I could understand outrage if there were items that were exclusively obtained through real money, but there are no such items in the game. Items accessible only to Omega players don’t count, because they pay a subscription to the game, where Alpha players are stuck in what is effectively “the free trial.”

Once you’ve paid your subscription fee, you can obtain any item you want, with or without real cash. Players who pay real cash for items they could obtain through other means might have an advantage over less talented players, but there’s no guarantee of their success.

If CCP starts selling “permanent immunity” or something like that exclusively through RMT, I’ll join the ranks of the outraged, but as it stands I don’t see credit card Capsuleers as a threat to the in-game economy, nor do they present an insurmountable challenge to even creative Alphas who won’t drop a penny on the game.

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Multiple reasons why I think it’s a problem:

  • Buying items directly from CCP circumvents the player driven economy. This undermines various people’s incomes, and could conceivably be used to buy things that would otherwise not be obtained in the desired quantities. Of course, CCP has stuck with cheap, widely available items so far, but (1) it’s still a slap in the face to industrialists at a time when many are struggling to adapt to resource scarcity and industry changes, (2) it goes against their own stated values concerning the player driven economy (see picture), and (3) and I’m still worried that they might push things further (yes, you can call this a slippery slope argument, but they’ve already gone further than I thought they would).
  • Buying SP directly from CCP allows vets to circumvent injector penalties, which undermines the reasons why they were implemented in the first place.
  • It’s still pay to win. Of course, I do believe that this is still a skill based game, and that brains, attitude, and determination still determine how successful your are. But that does not mean that I want to see CCP keep chipping away at that, especially when there are ways to monetize the game that aren’t pay to win or anti-consumer. The hypernet relay is a good example of this. I know a lot of people are opposed to it, but I like it because it is not P2W or anti-consumer.
  • Finally, perceptions of P2W can hurt player retention of newbros and vets alike. Eve may still be a skill based game, but many gamers are sick of being burnt by P2W and anti-consumer practices across the industry, and will bail if the start to suspect that Eve is, or is turning into, such a game.

Anyway, I made a video about monetization if you want to know more. But I’m not entirely sure if I want you to watch it or not. I don’t want CCP to continue down this path, but I also don’t want to turn anyone into bitter vets, or convince anyone to quit either. So, I dunno.

No P2W

I understand your perspective, though we seem to disagree on how detrimental the current situation is. It is contradictory for CCP to say “We want players to decide the cost of skill points” and then turn around and sell SP packs.

I wonder how they would explain that decision.

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