CCP, Please fix the Redeem Box

Can you PLEASE allow us to Redeem the Boosters as an Item and not to use?
It is filling up with them, because I have no use for them at the Moment, and I don’t think you understand how Frustrating this is for People with the Medical Condition, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD).
Thank you for your Time and Understanding.


“Trash All” is CCP’s solution.

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That’s is a Major Slap in the Face.
You know what, I think I’m gonna drop my Sub.
Don’t give me free stuff for being an Omega Account Holder, and then make me Trash it.
The least they can do is give me the BPCs for the Boosters and let me decide when I want to make them.
I am producing enough now on the daily, that I can trade ISK for PLEX for Omega Status.
Maybe in a Year or Two, Eve Online will cease to exist, and it won’t matter anymore.
Update: Sub Cancelled

Can I have your stuff?


I agree it should be an item, like the blueprints sitting in my hanger that never get used. We should be able to hold on to them as an item and then use them when the conditions are right.

Variations of this phrase we read for 18 years now.
Perhaps we should ask for a “EVE will die” monument, most suitable in Jita.

What for? Omega event/daily rewards will be presented but unavailable, among other ways the game will remember you the missing out Omega benefits. You only made your issue worse.

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I couldn’t agree more

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