Daily Omega containers content

Hello there,

Are those daily rewards some kind of late April fools joke!?

  • Drug for 60 minutes that you can’t redeem in space but only in station and need to use immediately (In other words useless)
  • T1 Frigate BPC 1 run (again useless)
  • Small T1 gun BPC 1 run (useless)

What’s next? 1 small projectile shell or lump of coal?!


Agree, complete fail so far, except the SP collector part. Should have done only the SP part, if you don’t want to put effort in nice giveaways. Also UI is uggly / uninspired.


You can delete the item without redeeming it. Hopefully CCP will get the message when they look at the statistics.


This is what I am doing.

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All the crap there doing to this game atm and this is the crap we get for free your a joke CCP if your trying to just kill the game off how about telling us not just ■■■■■■■ us over to get our cash!




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Yea right :smiley:

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Pretty sure they are testing both code and engagement. Can’t all be winners out of the gate

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I’ve started trashing the items including the boosters, complete waste of time and effort. Plus the fact every time you redeem something, it is instantly applied which is stupid.


It’s actually genius for future items. They can release really cool stuff WITHOUT ruining the economy


I understand the desire to make these rewards “soul bound” to keep them off the market but they need to be useful. Boosters that give a small bonus to core functions like speed, agility, armor, shield, etc… for a week will be appreciated a lot more than skins for ships we don’t fly that expire in a week!

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there --> they’re
your --> you’re
CCP if your just trying to kill the game --> I’m a bitter vet that is making mountains out of molehills

Yeah, I imagine that’s why they did it. Anyway, I like the idea, and hope they iterate on it, but the execution so far has been definitely been bad.

This is not an English class you prick!

I feel the same way. Better no “reward” at all than charity like that. It’s just offensive to call it a reward or T 1/2/3 because it’s just junk.



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