LOL, we thought the instant booster and 1 run BPC was great, now we get 7day volatile skins

it appears CCP marketing team after two days hasn’t figured out yet that these extremely limited login items, are next to useless!

yes a single run BPC might be useful for a 2 month or less player, but these are meant to be Omega login rewards also.

if a skin is given it shouldn’t be limited to 7days, at least leave if open volatile like Faction Warfare skins, but 7Days is just a slap across the face with a wet bus ticket, a shock, but nothing more.

come on CCP, make it worth opening these crates if we have too. the instant applied booster was a joke, and now this! really?


you can not even redeem the booster unless you have lvl1 biology :slight_smile:


And must be docked. Can’t use it in fight…


The important thing to note why these giveaways are so worthless is because this is an “Everyday giveaway” that has no defined end. You log in everyday and get something for it.

I only noticed this today because on day one I assumed it was a 5 day login campaign but as we got to see yesterday it just shows you what gifts are available for the next 5 days, every single day.

However since the gifts are hidden in crates you do not know what they will be so you need to log in everyday and keep claiming them to see if they are anything useful to you.

Basically a shameless, log in everyday, minimal effort for minimal reward campaign with no defined end.

Maybe when we log in enough days to reach the final SP reward it ends?


On the bright side, new players who are still collecting their 15 day starter gift daily reward campaign might still be able to collect on this new one when they finish and anyone who misses a day in this current campaign can probably just log on next time to keep continuing until it ends.

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I’m starting to think these gifts are actually more like a ‘Taste’ of various thing’s available in the game.

Sorta like when you go to Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream shops, you can get a free little spoon ‘Taste’ of the Ice Cream.

Other than that, it’s free so no big loss if it only lasts for 7 days after being activated.


Note to CCP-

Thank you for the free skillpoints (that I can’t use until I accrue 150,000), but these limited term, immediate activation, “volatile” gifts are not gifts at all. Thank you for giving me a “volatile” Amarr skin for a ship that would take me way longer than 7 days to train to fly, but I have another character that could use it, but is untradeable, so it was deleted without a second thought or second look.

From this point forward, any “volatile” or “immediate activated” reward will be immediately deleted.

Thank you.


Carping about free stuff. Brilliant.

If you don’t like it, bin it, or give it to a random nub.


Good observation.

That corroborates my note about the possible length of this logging campaign.
150 000 / 4500 or 6000 makes at least 25 days length.

But I am not sure this campaign would be longer that 1-2 month .
So if you miss a couple of days and your SP bar is not fullfilled , all that wait will be for nothing :smiley:

Experiment failed already.

CCP must acknowledge, like some of us, that these rewards are USELESS or barely worthwhile to log in for them, and peeps log in to get SP at the end.

So better just give us SP for something.

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Getting nothing important or of value isnt a slap in the face.

Its exactly that, nothing.


I’m an easy-going guy. There have been many occasions since I first started playing in 2005 where the community kicked up a fuss over something, and I just kind of scratched my head because I didn’t think it was a big deal. I was even on CCP’s side during the first Burn Jita.

This is the first time I’ve felt differently. This campaign is insulting. I really mean that: I feel insulted.

I’m totally fine with little token rewards for loyal players logging in every day, but the automatic “activate on redeem” thing is just stupid. It completely defeated the purpose of the booster, and I simply have not ever flown a Bantam, so getting a 7-day volatile SKIN for one is worthless to me. If it had been permanent I’d have at least been like “oh, okay. Doubt I’ll ever use it, but that’s cool. Thanks!” These aren’t token rewards. They’re teases. Maybe this is entitled of me, but I feel like CCP are dangling a treat in front of my nose and then snatching it away and laughing at me.

So @ the devs, please, PLEASE take note here: this is not how you run a daily login reward scheme. Other games give away things like a trickle of their premium currency, crafting materials, common cosmetic items and so on. They don’t give away literally nothing in a shiny box. And that’s exactly what an auto-activated booster and a 7-day tech 1 frigate skin are: nothing.

Thanks for the bpc though. After running it through invention it turned into a pleasantly profitable little tech 2 bpc… which I promptly added to the dozens of such already filling my hangar.


I don’t mind a limited time skin to get a “taste” of a certain skin but the problem is twofold:

  1. it sits in the redeem items space for a whole 14 days.
  2. It automatically activates on redemption for 7 days.

So basically I get a random skin for a ship I never fly, which I can’t keep for later when I might happen to fly it someday and only lasts a little while after being forced to redeem it.

If you could redeem them to your inventory to use at a later date or trade / sell to someone that can use them then these would be fine. The time limitation on the skin is not a problem if you can choose when to activate it and be able to trade/sell it.


Unfortunately that is not possible as these recent redeem items are “soul-bound” (auto apply to the character upon redeem thus can not be transferred to even an alt on a different account… nor given away)

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while I wholeheartedly agree with this overall sentiment, in this case we are unable to give it to said nub :wink:


Senior Management: “SKIN sales need boosting”
Marketing: “Let’s make a new ad in the form of a temp skin”
Senior Management: “I like it. Do it in the next login campaign.”

“Soul-bound” does not belong in Eve.


Ok, swallow it, then kill a nub and tell them technically you gave it to them.

IDK, and I apologise, I didn’t know they were set to ‘auto-swallow’. That does seem a bit shitty. Maybe I should log in for once.

Well, if they are going down this road, I would prefere one item every week but that is actually a bit more meaningfull.

But, well, this also include some free SP, so… I’ll take it.

Ship skins that expire, next skins that are destroyed when ship is lost.

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Don’t give them any more stupid ideas. They have enough already.

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