Throwaway Log-In Rewards

Boosters that are immediately activated upon redeem and 30-day temporary skins, all simply go straight to Trash. Even un-researched T1 module BPCs are preferable and far more worth actually redeeming.

Why can’t we redeem boosters without immediate activation to use later when they could actually be useful? What’s the point of a temporary 30-day skin? Does anyone actually bother with temporary skins? I’d bet the percentage of players who actually redeem and apply temporary skins is quite small.

Those types of “rewards” feel more like a slap in the face.


When will people learn that the universe doesn’t revolve around them and that not everything is about them or for them.

Log in rewards are a small incentive towards new players to try and convince them to keep playing for another day or perhaps two, in the hopes that they get hooked and invested.

They’re not meant to be rewards for addicts and people who already are invested because we’re already playing&paying anyway.


Redeeming boosters from the rewards page is great. I don’t have to carry them around in my ship. I just eat them when the need arises. It’s better than having them in cargo.


I think we should get free skill points for redeeming the temporary skins and applying them to a ship before they expire.

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How about a temporary skin for a ship i actually fly?
That might be worth using. I mean getting a random one is pretty much useless.
Or some other ideas
Some faction ammo, a faction drone, a few plex for example


How about temporary use-it-or-lose-it ships?

Imagine all the good that could be done if every account got a free 30-day catalyst just before the Halloween gank event.


They might not be actually useful, but can’t really be a slap in the face since it costs you nothing and you can just ignore them.

CCP is currently at a schedule of something like free giveaways for almost half the calendar year. If they were anything of significance they’d start to affect various markets.

CCP has clearly given up on the idea of making their game something you actually want to login to frequently, and instead have fallen back on operant conditioning with varying intervals between the ‘good’ rewards in order to make their subjects check in as often as possible.

The occasional worthwhile reward and the notion that you “might miss something” is enough to keep most test subjects checking in frequently. Squeaking because the reward isn’t what you desired just lets them know you’re still interested.


Youd lose that bet as there are many lazy people like me that just mass dump everyting into the redeem queue every 1-13 days

I redeem everything, but I just let the skins expire. It’s usually for a ship I don’t have anyway.

This reeks of entitlement…

I for one love the rewards when I get Pyro from it especially in Incursions.

If you don’t like what you get then don’t look at it? Just click that button to keep the counter going up to 150k SP that everyone gets if they log in.

I actually think that soulbound 7-D catalyst would be a good thing.

I’m however a believer that CCP would also find a way to screw that.

The temporary skins are probably selected at random, but sometimes I get the impression that popular skins are never generated. I’ve never got a skin for widely used ships yet, like no Cats, Muninns, Eagles, Cerbs, Lokis, but I do see skins for stuff like the Scorpion, Imicus, Probe, Moa, Naga…

Could be pure chance, but could also be there’s a borked algorithm behind it, I think.

It’s not “entitlement” to ask basically “wtf were they thinking??” about some detail in the game that doesn’t appear to make sense. Reward boosters immediately activating upon redeem doesn’t appear to have any logical reason or benefit to either CCP or players over being able to redeem normally. Equally, the 30-day totally-random temporary skins don’t make sense. Why not have the RNG select the temporary skin from the list of T1 ships (or whatever classes/categories CCP chooses) a player owns?

I just want to see EVE be the best it can be for everybody.

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The redeem-by dates on those boosters are well enough in the future to plan on how and where to use them. I think 170 days is generous on CCP’s part.
The Skins I redeem immediately. Where they go and for how long, I care not. If I happen to have a Skin for a certain ship sometime in the future then great; if not, it doesn’t matter. Skins aren’t part of my playstyle.
The BPC’s I’ll keep and will be adding to future contracts as freebees. I’ll try the Needlejacks and see if it’s fun, if not I’ll sell them.
Should I expect a fully-fitted battlecruiser at login? Hell, they even give SP, ain’t gonna spit on that.

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I got a khanid themed skin for my dragoon once. In the entire year i have run this char, that is the only thing I’ve gotten that i enjoyed.

But it’s still a skin for the dragoon :frowning:

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