Why is CCP forcing use of Boosters from Omega Daily REwards?

Not sure why this is happening, possible bug from the instant appling feature of the skins from the last login give away.

But if you redeem any item from the Loot Crate Tier1 it instantly applies, doesn’t go to hangar.

This is a booster that should only apply with you need to use it, **not when you redeem it from redeemable items!

CCP please fix this before next end of next server restart, and please reapply the items redeemed today that were instant applied and lost.

This is one of the biggest stuff ups I’ve seen in a while.

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…and also need the skills too…lol…

It’s pretty dumb…


I think it is an incentive to undock and test out the new changes and the 3% buff helps the pilot into the changes if it effects their current ship fittings.

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This feels like nothing other than a mistake, with the previous setting for the SKIN reward carrying over into this reward, rather than the crate reward settings being copied.

Could be totally wrong and some devs could totally just be sticking it to us…because that would be very EVE (and very CCP) to do. :slight_smile:

Exactly…the phrasing of it being a reward is a bit off-the-mark…

An incentive can come off as being a reward until the reward no longer holds an incentive.

deleting everyones boot.ini wasnt a big stuff up ? but applying a booster is mewhhahahaha

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It’s not a mistake.

It’s an oft-repeated outcome we see at CCP, and to be fair everywhere, of design by a committee with incomplete experience of the system.

CCP recognized a problem: skill farmers being unduly enriched by these free rewards (and the incentive to make infinite free accounts to farm the rewards) and decided on a solution without thinking it completely through. The wanted to prevent devaluing the free rewards by making them “soulbound”, but no one there either took the time to think through to the next step, or the experience to realize the effect making certain items soulbound would have on the perception of the gift.

It works ok for SKINs (although a SKIN for a ship you do not fly does feel a little bad), but boosters? I mean I guess it technically works but it just feels clunky and stupid. You either come up with another way to restrict their use, or you just don’t hand out boosters as a reward with this system. Probably other things will feel equally as bad. Yet, someone else, or another team was tasked with the psychological manipulation of designing a login reward system and didn’t really think of soulbound issue, and just was trying to come up with rewards to encourage players to be more active. So soulbound, activate-on-redeem boosters it is!

Funny, this reminds of that time CCP made essentially the same tone deaf mistake, but in the opposite direction, handing out free CONCORD ships to Fanfest attendees, but one to each of their accounts, no matter if it was Omega or not. This resulted in a massive imbalance of rewards and apparent unfairness, turning what was suppose to be a feel-good nice gesture, into a minor shitshow. I guess this is just another of those CCP things.


CCP is a group of human beings and human beings make mistakes. I worry more about people who never seem to make mistakes because I know they’re hiding stuff that will eventually create a much bigger problem!

CCP has stated that they use these time limited events to try stuff without investing a lot of time and effort thinking it through. This will result in hits (reindeer filaments) and misses (soulbound boosters that can’t be usefully employed).

Hopefully CCP will learn from the mistakes but, if they stop making them it means Eve is no longer evolving.


there in lies a problem with this, I opened up one of these login rewards earlier, it instantly applied and gave me a boost to missile precision. On a pilot with zero missile skills who only owns beam laser equiped ships.

Be ok if it at least instant applied a boost that was relevant to the character. However it wasnt, basically it was a box of nothing but at least it gave me a step towards the free skill points? lol

That is a issue not carefully looked at to the naked eye.
The auto apply is wrong, good but wrong deployment.

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