Automatically applying rewards?

So… CCP.

What is the purpose of giving me a loot crate, which has a booster in it, that automatically applies it to my character, when i’m docked?

Is this a bug, or is it intended? Because the last login campaign with the frontier safe guarder skins was crap as well.

Listen CCP, im paying for this game. Simple stuff should work.


:red_circle: It is intended and it is CCP’s newest way to screw things up and make everything worse that worked well before. They even ignored the possibility that you cannot redeem that crap in the first place because you have no skills for it, and that you are now stuck for 2 weeks with an ugly red badge.


I dont have enough words.

It’s already been addressed, we don’t need another thread about it.


Todays are BPOs.
Thats pretty cool.

Ah, you’d think so when you’re accepting the box at login, or when you look at the item in the redeem popup, or when you right click and show info on it, but what you actually get is a BPC.

I enjoy a good bait and switch; well played CCP.

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Yeah, found that out to my chagrin

CCP is on the good way … 1st day , useless drug instantly applied on redeem , today bpo scam … wow

You’re an entitled piece of ■■■■. Go away.

Tomorrow will be sp re-imbursement day, those sp points you have accrued over the last two day’s guess what? Thats right CCP is taking em all back. :hugs:


Its more than cool. Got a T2 warrior BPO in the daily

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These posts keep reminding me of those silly viral videos where the kid gets the wrong make/model/color car for their birthday and throws an ungodly tantrum, except they’re actually sincere.

Closed for redundancy.

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