Automatically Applying awards

The other thread I could find on this had been closed “for redundancy apparently” - Automatically applying rewards?

@CCP_Aurora was any explanation given as to why awards are given in this way now.

And is it always going to be this way now?


Whatever answer you get to that question, they can change their mind next week. It’s path dependent.

As an industrialist, I prefer “soul bound” rewards because I don’t want to be competing with CCP in the market. The problem with evergreen rewards is finding the right balance between too valuable and not valuable enough.

Skillpoints seem to work in this context but I would prefer loyalty points that could be accumulated and traded for permanent skins, cerebral accelerators, etc… that are still soul bound but have some actual utility!


2 problems which CCP keeps running into, when they give away free stuff:

1: They’re distorting the market (if it’s stuff which shows up on the market from other sources)
2: They’re giving skill farmers significantly more value than regular players.

This bypasses both of them.


Not being funny, but how does this prevent that?

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  1. Has this been an issue in the 17 years since eve has been around?
  2. As @Ramona_McCandless says, how does automatically applying them to a character stop that
  3. Even if for one minute I thought that was a thing, then giving boosters that apply imedialtely when you dont want them or need them is nigh on useless, it would be best just to not give away boosters
  4. CCP seem to love giving away SP at the moment (surely that helps skill farmers too)

Besides all, and I know we are not owed an explanation so to speak, but it would nice to have an indication of why the decsion was made (unless your two points are that reason)

At least we have the option to trash them, I wonder if they are taking note of that and will adjust their strategy?



He’s got you there Steve.

Soul Bound does not belong in Eve.

The direct injection of drugs (which you probably don’t need or can’t use) is just flat out silly.

The limited SKINS, well OK as a thin-edge-of-the-wedge advertising hype I can maybe live with (at least I can delete them before hand).

I like @Do_Little’s idea of an a new LP store, give away LP points and put things in the store so people can pick the reward they want.

Or just, you know stop doing login events, we haven’t needed them over the previous decade. Having some login event running all the time smacks a little of desperation.

Put the effort / man hours into in game events, where people have to play the game to get the reward.

By the way. Lore trinkets are a thing.


1: Nonsense - been given away for 17 years without any significant effect being noted
2: More nonsense - constant free SP being handed out.

… are the CSM responsible for this?

It’s really simple: if you accept the gifts for yourself it doesn’t matter if it’s “soul bound” or not. If you’re raging about it being “soul bound” that means you wanted to put that stuff on the market and as such it would affect said market due to the supply going through the roof.

So you can’t say that AND it’s not a problem AND it shouldn’t be soul bound at the same time. To put it more bluntly: HTFU, stop whining.

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Wait, why is this a problem suddenly?

No one was complaining when the market price of a Gecko was 25m

Just because people are biased and insincere when it comes to their selected outrage depending on if it favours them or not doesn’t make what I say any less true. In fact you’ve just proven my point.

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What? CCP controls the resource. The idea that non-bound items causes the market to act in a way that cant be predicted is ludicrous.

And your answer doesn’t make sense. Who is supposed to have selective outrage here?


Uh ok, if you say so.

Im outraged my free Geckos became worth over 100m each?

lol wow you got me there.

My Geckos are perverts, they keep humping my Amarr drones.


I was pretty MEH on this whole thing and then I just got skills added to characters that I didn’t specifically click a skillbook to get.

No big deal for you newbies that have 50 random skills on your new characters. But for us oldsters that started with 10 skills and spent a decade carefully curating characters to be optimized for a specific job, it sucks.


Sadly they don’t care, all they want is to pad the login numbers for their masters.

Logging in is really becoming a click fest.

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I hate having skills I didn’t train added automatically.


So don’t redeem on a character you don’t want them on, it’s really not difficult.

Perhaps, just perhaps, CCP is in the process of conditioning us all to get used selective redeeming by using inconsequential gifts for now.

I will take all the free skillpoints they want to give away, even the super small amounts are better any day then compared to a unresearched tech 1 blueprint that I will never use.

I also don’t care about direct injection, its a big whatever since I was going to eat the skillbooks anyways.

Of course. But a little heads up would have been nice so that I could have made the choice.

At the very least don’t show it as a skillbook if it’s not a skillbook.

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